So a day after the update,what is your final opinion?

1)The arena is not only a mess…its a torture chamber …for me at least.The worst part is i am constantly beaten by 26-27 average teams when mine is average 30 lvl team (Boost World Alive).And then after falling at 5200 i have to terrorize the players from Aviary…

2)The bug when i press the Supply Drop and zoom in and zoom out without having the opportunity to spin it is very annoying.

And sorry for repeating myself : It’s not an Update,it’s a Minor Patch.

You need an hour to change the numbers in attributes of the nerfed creatures.
Some days to insert some lines on the code for Alliance Roles.
And several says for the Design Graphics team to make the new Dinos.

The stuff I like:
Now IndoG2 has to choose wisely whether it will spam CS or try to buff up with MF. This makes smaxima deal with it better. Same with Gemini.
My Erlidom deals better against smaximas now.
I like the new critters, been catching a ton of turtles with the giga scent.
The chat seems to be fixed again, but it always seems that way after an update, only to go haywire after a few days of the new patch.

The stuff I don’t like:
Game tends to become choppy after a while and requires a restart.
There is a reaaaaly stupid delay when creatures with swap in attacks perform them (Kaprosuchus and Dracoceratops).

i jsut got my first turtle off the giga scent today. finally. now the harder one. The deer.

I found a few epic turtles too, because of the playground next to my house. Haven’t seen the deer yet.

dawn/ dusk. the shortest times to play.

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Usually my first scent gets used up before dusk. Looks like I’ll have to wait 1 more hour or use one of the other 2 saved up scents.

I don’t mind the 30 second timer, but the absolute worst is when the 2 min timer actually gets to 1 second… and finds an opponent.
Which then takes another min to countdown… to a timeout.
It doesn’t happen often, but when it happens it sucks my will to live.
On a timeout, they should program it to load the AI instead so it’s not a total waste.
BTW GG earlier @Ardens!


Oh the last 10 seconds of the AI timer going blank then going into a real battle really sucks the fub out of the game.

When it happens I always go couldnt this happen like 1 min ago? 2 minutes is too long to wait for an arena battle. 1 minute should be the limit. Its longer than Gyro but not so long that it is a quarter to a third of the total arena battle time. 2 mins to get a battle, 3 to 5 minutes to fight it. Assume AI its easily 2 mins to wait, 2 minutes to win the battle.

Arena should be fast and intense so every battle keeps the player on their toes not stewing in anger. The anger is not going to make players buy boosts, its going to make players want to rage quit or club the previous opponent with a toy dinosaur.


The only thing i can say about 1.13 is this.
Dont spread your boosts. Just boost the safest tyrent to max (tryko gemini max turtlerhino).

4 of my uniques got quite a huge nerf and im sitting here and think about the 40 boosts i spread between them. Sad days. Took away the hype of 1.13 befor it went live.


Has anyone seen the deer?

I am glad we got Alliance Rolls.

I urged anyone who wasn’t sure about quitting to wait until after the update, well I’m considering going on a long indefinite haitus.

Mixed bag, like usual these days.

Unnecessary nerfs for Nemys, Constrictor, Monorhino, Orion, Dsungaia, Alloraptor, Thyla, etc., game is still buggy, tournament changes seem pretty terrible.

On the other hand, great lighting changes, alliance roles are good, none of the new creatures are exclusives, the hybrids are worth pursuing, and giga scents make playing the game while stuck at home fun.

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I like alot about this update… most of it honestly. Other then the fact they added more bugs then the “400” they supposedly fixed. And the balance changes.

I used to joke Ludia didnt want to deverse of a meta and wanted us to chase a designed group and no more. This update kinda reinforces that to me.

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Minor update. New cenozoics are rehashed models with some crap added on top.
Alliance stuff… is it good? Who knows, we’ll see in April, so might as well not be added.
Balancing dinos, most of those nerfs were unnecessary, except for Indoraptor g2, who got a nice nerf. STILL nothing changed, dinos that were useless are still useless. Need to deal with elephant in the room - immunities. Too many dinos are made useless because of prevalent immune top tiers.
Boosts. By now it is obvious that correct strategy is to pool boosts to one dino. The only way to ‘fix’ boosts would be removing speed boosts, cause that one is too impactful.
So balance is still whack, nothing changes.

Was there anything else in update? Cant remember, cannot be important.


Yup sadly,the arena is still unplayable.

But we still have the exploration!

Arena is just boring. I mean I dread going into arena because it could be 1.hour before I can get my 5.incs done and its not even due to losses.

I reach the points i cant get my incubators anymore because touching the button play disgust me,so i can’t fill the fight on daily mission and can’t get daily rewards…
And whats the point on playing a game where the main aspect is screw?I mean if you find creature into the wild and lvl them up,its to fight in arena,no?

I hunt for completing DinoDex. Level creatures to 30 when possible. Arena team is almost fixed since boosts take time to “farm”.

The main aspect is arena because Ludia doesnt know what its USP is.

what is “USP”??

Smilonemys wasn’t broken :slightly_smiling_face:

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