So a day after the update,what is your final opinion?

Unique Selling Point.

Sadly I lost faith in the game. I just tired of the constant need to battle and do arena. Ludia can see from these few weeks exploration is more critical a part of JWA then the bad battle arena.

I enjoy hunting. Have always have. Battles made sense when you had something to build. Due to Covid and work, I stopped going to hunt. That made JWA suck. The 3h scents were nice but i cannot enjoy the game which is just battle battle and buy boosts.

1.13 was the last straw. I wun quit the game but I wun be playing it much either. Not until Ludia makes the game more exploration and less pointless battling. Its an AR game not a sit on your behind and get fat game.

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Overall, very neutral.

On one hand, we finally have new creatures to hunt with no exclusives, including a new common! That’s incredible. On the other, more exclusive DNA is needed for one of the main hybrids. Also, another update with Cenozoics. I’m getting bored of them.

Then we have absolutely pointless “balancing”, where one can only assume a member of staff has looked at a battle log and thought “oh, these ones are winning lots of battles against my personal favourites, I should nerf them”. Meanwhile, nothing has been done about the one dino that people have been complaining about across all forms of social media.

Finally, the bugs. They’re worse than before. The bugs that were “fixed” remain ambiguous.


I’m not happy with the new update. I can’t play the game. It keeps kicking me out after I get logged in.


:negative_squared_cross_mark: Arena is still pretty bad.
:shamrock: New creatures are fun to hunt.
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Map Lag is worse than ever.
:shamrock: Almost finished the Dinodex.
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Still haven’t fixed AR for Samsung.
:shamrock: The Artwork thread is the best one on the forums.
:negative_squared_cross_mark: The Artwork thread is the only good one on the forums.


They completely ruined the game. It’s unplayable.

  • PvP is hopeless
  • darting near to impossible
  • events unfindable
  • striketowers either unfindable/unplayable/
    disappear before due time
  • creatures nerfed for no reason
  • supplydrops hardly providing any FIP tokens anymore,
  • friendlist shows 0 trophies
  • recent opponents list shows 0 trophies
  • after darting or battling all disappears from the map
  • swap-in creatures leg
  • too many events at a time
  • towers/supplydrops/spawns randomly move at any given time

Perhaps forgot something…


Terrible “balance” changes, terrible new hybrids, good that new creatures are wild spawns even though I still havent seen a single deer and Im sure I wont in a very long time, the oldest hybrids still didnt get their super hybrids, exclusives are still exclusives. Well just another disappointing patch

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The game only lags at high speeds now. At least for me. Whatever they did fix the lagging at least stationery

Awful. The stop spinning bug has made me nearly stop playing. Really tiresome atm.

I think tournament trophies are better now, the alliance roles were the best addition though. It was a decent update, but I’ve come to the realization JWA isn’t the game for me anymore.

I give it a fail.
Not even because of the changes, but it’s just almost unplayable.
Objects constantly disappear, have to drive roughly 10-15 MPH to get anything to register correctly. Have to restart the entire app every 20 min because it slowly turns to a slide show over time. It’s just frustrating.
I’m used to bugs, but not ones that almost seem critical to game play.


Honestly, this update is one of the worst updates. Hopefully tournament changes will change my opinion.

Why I think its one of worst updates?
First it didn’t changed anything, meta is and will still remain the same. One more OP hybrid was added, that is extremely tought to create and lvl up. Good thing is that all new creatures are wild spawns, though Euclado is still locked as dusk spawn only. Its hybrid is also extremely hard to create.

There were unneccessary nerfs to creatures that at least made arena more interesting. Some hybrids that were already bad were nerfed even more.
Swap in moves are slow and buggy.
Sudden loss of connection bug without any connection issues, where your creature uses only basic move even though you select other move, is too common and changes matches.


I give this update :-1: :-1:
too many bugs that make it 99% unplayable. unnessecary nerfs.


overall this was a mess and completely dissapointing

Positives: balance somethings like nemys, and mammoth.

Indo got nerfed at least and maxima even though it’s not what we wanted

Tournament changes are nice.

Bad: the rest of the changes were either little to not enough (moth, allo gen 2 terium, phorasura) and some were way to harsh and unnecessary ( thyla, Baja, ankylos, alloraptor, monolorhino, carboceratops, dilophoboa, spinoconstricor,)

Bugs and glitch like there has never been


Added features nobody asked for while making the game even more buggy and unplayable. New dinos being globals is worthless because the hybrids are exclusive. There is still no point in hunting. Random nerfs to creatures that already suck, and ones that didn’t suck, that people just barely got to team level. Update made the game worse. Covid accommodations are separate and do not count. Oh, and they did not fix the stupid crosshair.

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