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So a thought on Dr Vile

when he comes around. I hope he ends up being a darker personality, however not BDSM sadist levels. We already have Oliver and his counter part that really are kinda meh (for me, pretty sure with 50 shades popularity I am some sort of minority). Contracts, don’t try to change me…you are an object not a person vibes…dunno maybe that changes later…not impressive lol.

With Dr Vile I’d like to see some serious overly dramatic super villainy. Like super protective back off she is mine vibes, maybe mixed with a little hey I took over Manhatten it’s yours now kinda thing. Just not into the creepy abuser you’re cheating on me I have to kill you levels…more twist the narrative and make the superheroes the super villians of the story. Trying to ‘rescue’ the PC(player character) from the clearly dangerous Supervillain or something of similar nature.

Weird as it sounds I just want a good ol fashioned Beast who obsesses over the PC without falling over the edge into abuser territory.

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Yes!!! I am here for it!! :raised_hands:t2::black_heart:

50 shades can do one.

I got the impression that he’s a super villain in the Blofield mould. I wonder if he has a pet cat…

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You mean Cptn Muffin!? :scream::joy:

I hadn’t thought of that :scream:.