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So about compsoflaffy being op

An underdog has surged here antarcto can actually take this thing out 1V1 so might want to bring it along for the tournament

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That’s the thing. CompC isn’t “overpowered”. Is it good? Yes. It absolutely shakes up the current meta. But it gets shut down by most Counter-attackers, shield users, and group attackers.


Yea I kinda know what your getting at but it’s in the middle of being op but being incredibly good on that scale

I’m just glad antarcto can deal with it

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I mean, the only reason it’s even considered op atm is bc it doesn’t fit the current meta. Once people adjust to it and start putting more counters on their team, it won’t be considered as op.


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The reason its op in my opinion is that it can not be slowed.

Edit: “OP” as in few creature can defeat it. Ceramagnus, Gem, Skoona, even Gorgotrebax, and others should be able to deal with it.


As the creator of Toolbox, I have to admit that flock creatures are kinda buggy in Battle Simulator now. :sweat_smile:
Don’t draw any conclusion based on Sim results yet.

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They can… Skoon is one of its best counters. Gem also has a decent chance of beating it. And if Magnus swaps in on it, it beats CompC as well

Maybe but potentialy could actually be a thing

Actually just checked and yea doesnt win but sets something up with no escape for an easy swap in kill