So, about Pho's "terrible" nerf

First battle after update - got my behind kicked by a Pho.
Second battle - same.
Third battle, my turn - destroyed someone thanks to my Pho.

I guess that’s settled then.


So phourex is still good. Got it


Yes. it was a good and necessary nerf.


What’s your trophy level? If your Phorurex was already buffed up this won’t matyer much, but for people below 5k trophies this just takes away one of the few counters to trophy droppers with full apex and level 25+ teams

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If Pho was able to counter droppers by itself, it’s one more proof that it was unbalanced. Droppers are a different problem that shouldn’t be “fixed” by an OP creature… Not to mention that they could also have their own Pho at higher level and more boosts.


I said ONE of the counters, not the only one. It was useful at low level because of the pretty rare rending, but falls off once people learn to counter it with Testa or other resilients. The thing was pretty balanced as long as you learned how to play against it, it would never get more than 1 or 2 KOs. Now instead it’s always useless even before you learn to counter it.


Just had another battle where mine was MVP… It’s very, very far from “useless”

And everything is level 30 fully boosted where I am btw


Yeah it’s definitely still good, just not too good.


I’m mad that they removed it’s swap in rend, i hate swappers but i only used pho and cera (dumped cera a while ago) And i’m really mad that fricking draco has swap in but not pho?


Phorurex is finally what it should have been.

I’ve been tired of a lot of players crying about being their creature is just ‘good’, instead of super. It’s still the most powerful bird of the game.


Though it does leave the game without a meta unique cunning.

Utarinex, the new flock, magna, scorpius, erlikospxs, compyC:


Rex And compy both get owned legendary coel (even at a lower level), which itself isnt much use beyond lower aviary, Magna is good to a similar level, maybe upper. Though of course all are regularly rendered useless by the pvp matchmaking. Ill give you sr3!

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The problem with the terrible nerf is not simply that it can’t hold its own in one versus one matchups (although it struggles now), it’s that by removing a key part of its arsenal, it has destroyed its role in people’s teams. If you built your team in such a way that a key part of the balance was built around its ability to rend swap in and finish off a creature, it’s going to hurt you a lot more than someone who didn’t build their team that way. (So, for example, if you have built up a team where this is one of your counters to the big sauropods, because of its rending ability, then you are screwed.)

It would be like changing all of a creature’s moves from slowing down the opponent to inflicting a different ailment like - to pick one at random - vulnerability instead. This kind of thing hurts people that are making their way up the ladder the most, because they have committed all their boosts to this creature, and shied away from building other creatures, because of this one specific move you now have taken away. People who have all level 30s, or close to it, and lots and lots of boosts aren’t hurt by it, because they have other options for these roles.

I’m guessing that the people who are most outraged about this are the people who have put the most thought into the construction of their teams to counter whatever you come across.

I feel like for the playstyle phorurex fulfills they should have removed the on escape as opposed to the swap in, especially considering dracorex gen 2 is a swapper. But it’s still a good nerf


Guess this one was unlucky then


I know i just slapped one silly at the 5950 trophy range lol


Since in this update it’s had its swap-in ability (Alert Rending Lockdown) just flat-out removed. Now, obviously this is an enormous nerf and does warrant some questioning because of the sheer size of it (in addition to the stat nerfs Phoru got), but there’s something I think I should probably say on this.

Phorurex is probably not bad.

Yes, it lost its main method of just popping up and popping your opponent’s creatures into the stratosphere, but Phorurex still has an aspect to it that is very strong. Its revenge-killing prowess.

Phoru as a revenge-killer is something that is basically never brought up (at least not from what I’ve seen), and that’s somewhat warranted given its extremely powerful swap-in ability. However, the revenge-killing aspect of the King Bird wasn’t actually ticked down that far, with it basically just being a stat reduction.

Instant Cunning Rampage is still an outstanding revenge-killing move, because it has priority and also has the ability to deal with most Fierce creatures, especially in conjunction with Critical Sidestep. And, following said sidestep, you also have Lethal R&R, which is still as ridiculous of a move as before, and if you got your revenge kill and survived (which is likely due to all of Phoru’s damage reduction), you’re basically set to get a second kill already.

Add to that the fact that it has a third job as a trapper with Stunning Obstruction, and your opponent is basically just forced to watch as you revenge-kill whatever they had in, since Phoru can just kill on escape and possibly keep it locked in, forcing them to waste a turn altogether.

Tl;Dr: Phoru did get a big nerf, but it is far from useless, and now the other, noticeably more interesting part of its play style can come out more an make it a more direct descendant of Phorusaura.


Friendly reminder that opinion does not equal fact.


Said reminder has been noted.