So, about Pho's "terrible" nerf

Being the most powerful bird isn’t the biggest flex, its not really much competition besides Gleniken, Velorachus, and Phophurasauria.


That’s a huge sample… Me? I’ll wait a few weeks and see if the pro still use it though. You see, I prefer a much higher number of samples… I won 3 games in a row using Indoraptor the other day so I think it’s unbeatable. Likely the next one on the chopping block!


Yes, it was arguably the BEST (and not that that hard to get) creature in the game!!! It needed a nerf!


As a user of this. The nerf is good with it

Battles I’ve had so far where Pho was decisive for either side: about three dozens and counting… Yeah man… Sometimes, first impressions are right

post your team and trophies.

I personally like the loss of it’s swap in. I never really used it anyway. I use him as an opening dino or to switch in when I feel like an opponent is swapping out. I don’t like being stuck for 2 turns either.

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Phoruex is terrible now. I woulf personally like all the DNA and time back. If they are going to nerf something, then do it to the Indotaurus.

1: Ludia will probably never do this…like ever.
2: IndoT? really? That creature has more counters then a lot of the other top tier creatures!! (example is Magna)


Yeah. Indotaurus is fine as is.


I mean, it’s a fierce with CLEANSING. So it cleanses distraction. it also has a lot of attack for a counter attacker and even more for a rend attacker. It also can hit twice with cloak, unlike indom and dom.

Literally refre (apex dilo) counters this creature so easy, its cleanse is only so good if the creature has shields and as for the counter, SOOO many of the highly used cunning now have 50% or more resistance to this. This creature is pretty balanced, just don’t use a resilient creature, lol

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Now it is truly settled… Your 3 game sample wasn’t enough for sure… So far, only 10 out of the top 50 players have kept Phoru in their team and the number keeps going down.

It’s still a great dino, but far from being a top dino anymore. It’s worth keeping if you have already boosted it, and have nothing else to replace it with, but otherwise, it’s not a dino that will allow you to win 100% of the game based on your small sample… Next time, you will have to try to get a better sample for sure.

I never said it will win 100% of the time… Because it wasn’t capable of doing that not even before the nerf. What in fact is happening is the opposite - people saying Pho is a complete garbage now, That’s what I disagree with and what the statement of this thread was for.

My example was based on gameplay and the way those battles were fought and ultimately decided, not simply because “I have Pho so I won” like your comparison with Indo. The arguments of how I won and how Pho is still very strong and useful were given by me in other two separate topics, so I simply didn’t want to repeat myself here,:

Pho is still deciding many battles on Gyro, Library, and probably lower arenas. But on the Shore, yes it’s not as big as it was, but that’s a whole different reality. There are plenty of other factors. The two strongest Apex creatures in the game right now can counter Pho (they already could before the nerf) and the Shore is swarming with those two, not to mention Parasauthps which is also a creature that few have at level 30 outside the Shore, but inside there I cannot do one single battle without having that thing being swapped in on me… plus there was Refra and Albert’s buff, which also became viable creatures… plus Mortem’s return… So the process of dropping Pho would have been a thing anyway imo. And even with all that, the simple fact that there are STILL a couple of Phos on top 10 is something!

So basically. after giving your point in two other arguments, you thought that starting a new thread, with basically no information other than saying that 3 fights were won with Pho in the team, was the final nail in the coffin? There’s already enough information in those multiples Pho threads… I’m just not sure starting a new thread with so little information was worth it, that’s all… In fact, starting a new thread with your analysis may have already been better! (still too many threads, but a better start…)

Exactly for the fact that there were so many threads I didn’t think it was necessary to argue. Especially now that’s been days and my point remains true, “bad sample” or not =)

My pho is hardly boosted and far from level 30 but still does fine. It’s moveset is still brutal without the ridiculous swap in damage and it’s ability to pin your opponent as well as a moveset that pretty much counters everything makes it still very viable.

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So. It’s also not that hard to take down. Have better dinos

Before I played I thought it got nerf to much but I find it find for now