So about that new meta defining fierce

It’s garbage, terrible hp, terrible damage output and the resistances are meh. You had a chance to create a great creature but it’s barely useable, no stun resistance/immunity only makes it bait for Monolorhino, Scorpios Rex, etc.

It’s a Super Super Hybrid, it should be one of the best uniques in the game but it is not, meanwhile you’ve given yet another resilient swap immunity, that makes no sense for no escape to even exist at this point.

Albertospinos needs a emergency buff to it’s stats and resistances, but Ankylos Lux needs swap immunity removed, there is no reason for it to have swap immunity or resistance, same goes with all pure resilients.

Edit: The eye placement on Albertospinos is terrible, Predators have binocular vision not whatever it had, so a model update would be a great start.


I think every one can agree albertaspinos is terrible, terrible turn 1, terrible stats, and terrible resistances.

I noticed it has the exact same stats as Trooboa, so im praying it was an accident that it has such terrible stats for a pure fierce unique hybrid.


Crocodilians: guess I’m an herbivore now.


Not every predator has binocular vision.


Tarantulas, alligator gars, colubrids, vipers:

Well crap, time to eat salad


Yeah but it’s a piscivore
Plus real spinosaurs had very limited binocular vision
Also they used pressure sensors to catch fish without needing to see them

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Its not fast enough and has sad speed resistance

Yeah as far as Ankylos Lux is concerned I’d gladly trade 100% Swap Prevention for 100% Stun Resistance.

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Crocodiles have binocular vision.

Jajajaja like why would I have to have stun resistance?? None of its genetic lineage has it as well as this one because its purpose is to bleed, it already has enough with its priority impact and the other resistances always apply that they are decreased by 50% if the other creature does not have it, that’s why under its resistance to slowing and bleeding

Why does Ankylos Lux have swap immunity when none of its components have it lol.


I also ask myself that same question that creatures like the Skoona, Testa, and the new apex have that resistance when several of their hits clean the reduced damage, however the purpose of the Albertospine that I already mentioned is to bleed it does not have to have a resistance to the stun for that there is already the Mortem or the Scorpios, the Spino constructor, etc. Well boosted Albertospine will slaughter deer

Anky Lux has it because we don’t need the brand new apex that requires DNA from 4 epics (1 being exclusive) to be grypo bait and rendered worthless. We don’t need another Dio that just gets bullied.

Grypo is one of the most boring, unimaginative creatures to play against. It is the definition of a negative play experience. Something that requires so much work shouldn’t be rendered worthless by something so mundane.


According to this article, crocs have a vision similar to prey. Crocodile eyes are fine-tuned for lurking - BBC News
So I think this means they don’t have binocular vision but I could be wrong.

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So just because something is hard to get, it is excused of having counters?

That’s a terrible logic.

Also, Grypo gets its guts stomped out by so many creatures it is not even funny. So Apex Bumpy losing to it would be of no issue.

I can name at least 5 things that are much more of a “mundane” or a “negative play experience”

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But the class system says that Fierce are supposed to beat resilients but why even have it when things like Ankylos Lux just runs into counters instead, it needs it removed plain and simple, otherwise it’s going to be the same thing again where resilients just rule the meta.


I agree, that is terrible logic. Good thing I didn’t say that. You’re putting words in my mouth to form an argument. Having it be difficult to create shouldn’t excuse it from counters, but it should make it slightly harder to counter.

It absolutely is an issue that one of the easiest uniques to create could just swap in and autopilot kill Ankylux. Why do you think no one runs Dio anymore? Anky Lux would be dead out of the gate.

Make no mistake, Grypo is still a counter to anky lux. If a wise player saves their grypo for the end game, anky lux running may be futile. Ankly lux can also be stunned and bled. There are options to deal with it. If some players can’t figure them out, that’s not a gameplay/balance issue, that’s a user issue.

I’m also interested to see this list because


Hi everyone, please don’t forget to keep things civil even if there is something you disagree on. :sauropod:


The trouble with a lot of bleeders in this game is the same problem we’ve had since day one - resilients just swap out. Or, in some cases where the fierce is defeated afterwards, they cleanse the bleed with one of their many, many cleansing moves.

I do use Grypo, and it kinda sucks - everything that isn’t a Dio just runs out. Even Hadros beats it with the right moves.
Nearly everything that Ludia introduce these days has swap prevention resistance or immunity. If less dinos actually had it, this one might stand a good chance.


The reason for that is because grypo doesn’t just counter the creatutes it counters. It slowly obliterates them to being useless and unusable. If deer wasn’t so powerful grypo would render it useless even.

So people don’t use these creatures that get rekt slowly by grypo. Take Dio for example since mentioned. It’s still quite good but nope you can swap grypo in and go on airplane mode. Also, grypo is pretty much phorats safety net even if it doesn’t win a match up in few cases it trims down the hp slowly for the player saving phorats. We don’t need another creature being hindered slowly by grypo. It’s a really boring creature and experience to go against grypos lol.

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