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So about that premium incubator they "took away" from us


Remember when everyone was soooo mad that they took away the premium incubator prize? We definitely aren’t proving anything to them with this:

Start spinning those stops everyone!!


Lol. From the moment ludia took away the premium incubator, no one cared anymore. My friends and clan were so excited and preparing to spin like crazies to get that premium…bbut then they took it away and no one bothered anymore and just spun to max the daily coins and then stopped.


Well they would run the event when most people are at work… Then they knew this anyhows.

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But that’s the problem. We are just proving Ludia right. That we aren’t willing to work for anything. Think about if we actually get the 50M. We could say “look, we did it!! Let us try for the premium next time”. Instead everyone is acting like toddlers who don’t get their way so they cry about it and no one gets anything.


Knowing Ludia, if the 50 mil mark got reached they would more likely be relieved they took away the premium… rather than more inclined to give it back to us.

Premium? I would have tapped every drop in my radius every night… epic? Nah.


Well rhats a way to interpret the situation :-). I see it more like this: if Ludia keeps nerfing than they will discouragr their community (so they should stop doing this). Also wr are now showing that we are not cheap, if the award is worthless, then we wont bother. So hopefully they will listen and make the price worthy by making it a premium…or this event will continue to fail


Yea… but like… I would totally be spinning like 10k supplies per day if they hadn’t removed the premium incubator :unamused:

And the slow opening supply drops… like I mean if they opened within 1 ugh like second rather than 2 I would totally like be in this… but the massive totally game-impacting delay in them opening… I mean… I’m just not participating in protest because I could be doing soooooo much more with those extra seconds wasted… GOSH


Agreed totally!


I like your theory @Sherwin but I really just don’t think the overall player base are at all enthused by this as they are not active enough, premium incubator or not, I really don’t see it making a difference. It’s down to us active players… and there simply just aren’t enough of us that care.


Yeah mu clan was there too we all would be smashing 1k+ a day cos we can but now just standard 100-150 a day

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Are you all for real? You genuinely would be going at this all hours if the premium were still the top prize? Not criticising, just genuinely curious. For me as @Piere87 said, it’s about pride and “yeah we did it!” More than the incubator… do you all really, really believe that incubator would have made +50% and some of the difference?


Heck I guess I’m just cheap


honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised. It sounds like the basic attitude of people is “I’m going to pout because you took something away from me that would have been free anyways so I’m not even going to try for a slighter lesser prize”


Slightly lesser? 3x the epic DNA, over twice the amount of coins, plus all the other DNA…? A bit more than slight in my mind.

The way I look at it is this - I got an epic in the arena recently, I got one yesterday, I’ll get two more this weekend… it’s just not that special. A premium would be something to put extra effort into, but when I can get 3 or 4 epics a week just doing my normal playing? meh…


I just can’t believe everyone went from :100: enthused, invested and engaged to 0 just because of a premium to epic difference… but the responses seem to suggest this is true which I just don’t get, but if they’re being truthful in that that’s what happened then I guess Ludia need to listen to the masses :woman_shrugging:t3:

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I agree they never should have shown premium as a top prize to begin with and then take it away. I was mad about that as well. But I’m still spinning and trying to at least get close to the 50M. Maybe I am an optimist, but the attitude that it “isn’t worth it” is just giving them the message that they shouldn’t bother giving us anything at all.


Yeah, researchGirl, you are right Bout the small active members pool. That indeed plays a big part in reaching such a big target. But as difficult it is to believe: 48 of the 50 member from our clan went from super enthusiastic and planning to get up 1-2 hrs earlier to spin drops before work and the another 2 hrs after work…to not interested anymore :-). Our 2 still enthusiastic members are trying to encourage us, but with no success :slight_smile:


You have to all understand an importent truth which you probably understand better than me and that is: Time is precious!

I wont just pull over when driving for any rares. I even abandon baryonxy is I cant be bothered. But if i see a golden chicken or a Trex or a kentro then Ill take a detour for those sweet dinos.

I have always wanted a prem incu but to be promised 1 and then to have it taken away, especially when myself and all my allies and all the forum community were excited about it, is just de-motivating and wrong on a moral level.

So now I dont care nor does my ally. We all get epic incubators all time. We have some pro analysers who help the weaker players win the harder strike events with weak dinos. But we aint going to go above and beyond and make an extra effort for a nodopatasaurus if you get my drift.


Totally agree with you. An event like this requires a lot of time investment. My time is more valuable than the rewards I’d get investing it. Just as simple.


Well… wow… thanks for replying. If this really is the general feeling then @Piere87 I guess Ludia need to learn the lessons of a) not to give pants incentives for really quite hard work… and b) CERTAINLY not to give something and then take it away (this isn’t the first time after all cough alliance missions cough…)