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So, about the change to scents in park

Using Scent Capsules in Parks

Long-time players will remember that Scent Capsules used to have the unofficial side effect of sometimes (rarely!) attracting park creatures when used in parks, but due to a recent bug fix, that side-effect was unfortunately removed. Based on your feedback, we brought back this feature in a more official way! This change was made possible by the technical changes brought in the previous update and paves the way for some other improvements to our geolocation gameplay in the future. In the meantime, we hope this will make it easier to find elusive Park creatures!

The following Scent Capsules can be used in parks to attract park creatures:

Small Scent Capsule
Large Scent Capsule
Rare Scent Capsule
Epic Scent Capsule

Notes: The odds of encountering these “park exclusive” creatures while using a Scent Capsule in a park is about the same as when you’re not using one (varies between 49% and 70%). The guaranteed Rare or Epic creature that comes with using a Rare or Epic Scent Capsule will not guarantee a park creature.

^ So these are the notes. However, the way they worded this, it sounds like they have greatly reduced the spawn rate of park stuff and most of the stuff will be just locals. It’s like they didn’t even play the game to find out that the 1st rare/epic was almost guaranteed to be a park spawn. Also, it did not rarely attract park spawns, but most of the stuff it attracted was a park spawn. Anything else was usually global, or very rarely something from any of the 4 zones from anywhere (ex: I got a Dracorex while in a park in Zone 4).

Also, the bug was still not fixed as of patch 1.10 as I’ve still had scent spawns, no matter where, change creatures after darting 1 of 2.

Exactly, it rarely did not attract park spawns.

All that park scents issue… they are trying to make it look like they didn’t mess up in the recent patch. They word it as if they never made a mistake and looking for excuses of the current bad functioning. But they are also hiding some real intentions on their pipeline as it might be their intended nerf of park spawns.

For some reason (let’s call it turtle), they decided to nerf park spawns the former patch. Since then, all the wording has made a funny story of lies hiding the real fact: there have been either intention of eliminating completely park spawns or critical errors by their part. Who knows…

Scents will still be broken in parks. Anybody getting park spawn on scent will be lucky.

They probably think people will buy more scents if they have possibility to get park spawn on scent. Though many will be angry and stop buying scents when they won’t get parks spawns they hope.

Really desperate move after boosts 2.0 fiasco.