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So about this Turtle/ Tortoise

turtle skills:

slow hit: hit after the opponent

bunker: he hides in his shell and does nothing

turtle attack: it gives a heart attack to the opponent, reduces the maximum life of the opponent by 75% and bleeds it 15% for two shifts



Tortoise boi should be 100 speed, theres a reason apato is 101 and currently the slowest.

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How to make turtle boi broken, but beatable

Rarity: Epic

Hp: 6000
Attack: 1600
Armor: 80%
Crit Chance: 40%
Speed: 133


Instant Rampage
Long Protection
Instant Charge


Tortoises, like alligators and crocodiles, are some of the most ancient reptiles on the planet and have been relatively unchanged for millennia. This is kinda cool.

I want him to have an extra special impenetrable passive that makes armor-piercing attacks not pierce his armor, but maybe that’s just because I hate Thor right now.


Everything needs to have a counter, so I don’t think an “armor-piercing immunity” would be good for the game… but it would be cool if it has new types of shielding moves.

I wonder what they will do to make it an interesting creature, 'cause simply another slowing and shielding tank would be lame… it needs something more unique

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I wasn’t serious about the armor-piercing immunity my guy, but thank you for entertaining it. It just seems like it’ll be kind of useless with a huge armor stat if everything in the arena ignores armor entirely. No one wants to play a paper dino.

Well you weren’t clear on that, friend… I’ve seen people ask for more absurd things than that, so I gave a proper answer. But anyways, that’s why I’ve said it needs something different.

I figured given how stupidly OP “piercing immunity” would be, and how it in no way fits into the game’s structure, it would give me away.

What kind of ability would let it survive the current state of the arena, though? It seems like any ideas based on the moves we already have would just be… well, about as useful as they already are. Armor is intended to absorb damage, so are shields, but those are already toast. Evasion is nerfed and not at all fitting for a turtle. I guess it could have… a “withdraw” move? Where it blocked a certain percentage of all direct damage? Would still make it vulnerable to bleeders though. Also sounds kinda like a shield or armor you can’t see. Maybe if that move included it’s own counter-attack without the creature having a passive counter? Like, you have to use this ability, it reduces the damage taken, and any damage you take will also be dealt to the attacker? Counter-attack are usually based on a dino’s attack, would it be too weird if it was based on the opponent’s?

The “game’s structure”? We have Rampage as Swap in Ability, and it was DSR weeks ago… No idea is too stupid next to what we already have, lol

I really don’t know what they might create. I can only imagine different types of shielding, as I’ve said… Since it will certainly be a tank, I hope it has distraction too, so it has at least some advantage against chompers.

Despite the joke it might seem, there is actual structure to the moves/stats they already have. No armor vs. Armor vs. Shield vs. Damage debuff, etc.

Having met turtles in real life, I’d say a distraction move is the least they can give it. Those things are monsters.

What I meant is that draco’s SIA goes against the game’s mechanics, so nothing they do will surprise me anymore.


@_Green_Shadow123 So about this Turtle/ Tortoise
I can neither confirm nor deny these questions. The “hare” thing is legit, but as related to the game, I have no clue. I don’t have access to that sort of info… and probably for good reason.

@Schtemty So about this Turtle/ Tortoise
Hey! Somebody finally got my joke!

@Sixty-Four So about this Turtle/ Tortoise
I could post a video about a turtle and a croc (the shoe kind) but I’m pretty sure that would be begging for moderation.

Wait…turtle? What turtle? I’m like super confused lol.

Yes a modern day normal turtle lol. Depends though. I believe crocs/gators just avoid alligator snapping turtles and vice versa. A respect/annoyance of eachother.

But we’re talking about a turtle the size of like a car lol. And gators were big back then too. But if you think about the bulk and possible weight the tables were turned back then. And the gators don’t have anything to protect them, a snap bite could take chunks at a time.

If you check Ludias Twitter posts recently you can see.

This turtle of course…
nasty little sod to have in an arena battle as its force bite is comparable to twice that of a modern day salt water crocodile has ! so i say let me at him give me the turtle…
then it would be teenage mutant Jurassic turtle power ! lol :joy: :joy: :joy:



Will she have 80% armour? :smiley:

I also got the joke, but still thought it could be an info :sweat_smile:

Anyone who has spent the childhood watching looney tunes know about the hare and the turtle!


Yes a modern day turtle. But that’s not the angle I was taking. The video in question is one of a little turtle… we’ll say, enjoying himself with the shoe. I know that turtles are ssadab<.

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