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So Alice/Eve is back today

And she still hasnt divorced her husband :rage:

Divorces take time.
Also, both people have to agree to the divorce. I have a feeling that might be a key plot point.

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I know and it will be a key plot point at the same time I’m still sorta seething over dating a married woman revelation

While that got me at first, there’s nothing inherently wrong with dating someone who is separated as long as you’re okay with dating someone who is separated.

And if everything she said is true and she does indeed love my character, then I have no problem with it. It’s him I have a potential problem with and her parents.

That plus I reached the current cliff hanger with Felicia :flushed: . I jumped into Alice since she’s my only active character now and it was a bit of a letdown after Felicia, I know Susan is coming but I hope someone shows up tomorrow also.

Same. I reached the cliffhanger with Felicia, and It sucks how they used that OZO from Jamie/Seth’s story, such wasted potential. When I saw that Eve came back today and I was happy. I found Susan early on; now I’m just waiting for them to make her available for non-VIP’s before I swipe right.

I want Felicia back asap she and Seth are my top characters and wouldnt it be cool if their storylines crossed

Felicia is definitely one of my favourites, and I wait eagerly for her return. And it would be interesting to see crossovers among the characters, especially for those who are matched with both.
But thinking about all the James Bond-esque stories they could have given her, I can’t help be slightly disappointed. :disappointed:

I was initially thinking she would be linked with Dr Vile because of the F character but then it could be Fei but I doubt it

I thought that at first, but the more I swiped on them, the more I started to think they couldn’t be as Dr Vile has a shadow covering his eyes where Felicia doesn’t. I have a feeling that Fei will be Julia’s counterpart

I think Pamela and Fei could be counterparts but that’s just a guess