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So Alice Yay

I am glad she’s finally facing her family and stepping up


I’m so proud of my girl Eve :tada:
I can only imagine how hard it must’ve been. You go girl. :champagne:

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Now this week I’d be happy if they’d release Skye or bring back another of the ladies or Daniel. He’s still trapped in the zombie infested hospital

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This week, I’d like to see them release Fei or Julia or bring back any of my ladies, mainly Clementine or Sage. Wait! Zombie-infested hospital?! Just thinking about a zombie-infested hospital reminds me of Left 4 Dead’s No Mercy campaign.

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Yeah he was testing some flu strain on a rat but it mutates and it bites two doctors. The hospital becomes a quarantine site. One of the doctors starts to make weird noises like a rat

Yikes! :astonished: Sounds like the beginning of a zombie movie/game. :zombie:

Daniel, Seth, Wyatt, Skylar, Dr Vile and Damien are the only guys I read to read the rest are just for diamonds