So alliance rewards haven’t changed

Title says it all please fix this

They announced that it was going to be for 3 weeks this time

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Oh I didn’t know thank you for telling me

No problem

Nevermind. Just looked and it should have changed

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I wouldn’t of minded it being 3 weeks but it’s still kind of unfair. After them changing tournaments to 4 weeks till March. How can you check if it should or shouldn’t be changed? On the news it says 6 days.

Hey everyone, the Alliance Mission rewards should have been updated now. :smiley: You might need to restart your game to see the changes.

Anything but procera!

Thank you, Ned!

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not sure the rewards are worth it

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this is offtopic but why are the rewards so low?

That’s the point. Another mistake. Same mistake on procera but a bit more DNA

Ludia - this is a farce.