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So angry

Played 2 battles.
First battle: Opponent Indoraptor: 6 times dodge!!!
Second: finale hit and yes opponent gets again dodge!
Lost both times. So angry. So not fair do me many dodges.

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There are a lot of creatures that can counter cloak/evasive creatures.

Tany is a good one, I’m starting to like Purutaurus as well.


It feels great that we are back to these complaints.

We’ve made it over the hump guys

Bring on the “I can’t counter DC” threads


Yeah it really does

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The thing with these types of complaints is when it is the complainer that dodges 6 times they are really happy and probably laughing at their phone. When it is the opponent that 6 times dodges they rage, post here on the forums and probably claim they never dodge so much, because they forget what they’ve achieved themselves in the past due to the red mist.


I don’t get the anger.
Just hit the battle button again.
Repeat till done.


I had one battle last night against an extremely boosted team working to move up the food chain and beat them because all my dodges worked… 3 in a row on Indo and their Indo didn’t dodge once. Then I had another battle where ALL their dodges worked and I just could not hit though them and got slaughtered.

Yup, just hit the battle button again and hope for a better game where I can at least get something towards my daily incubator.

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Yup, people who post this can’t remember those times they had good fortune. That one time that they only way you were to win if there was a dodge or a stun that did/did not land.

Yesterday, I lost to a double hit through my indominus cloak that I really needed to land. next battle, I dodged twice in a no critical battle. It all comes out in the wash.

I remember the good and the bad. I’m actually feeling pretty bad for my opponent when I get the good rolls.

Sorry, Not sorry :smiley: I got my incubator. You’ll get yours soon. I know you will :smiley:

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I just had a battle where my opponent dodged 8 times with their Indoraptor. I dodged four times between all of my dinos, but he crit-OHKO’d my Indom and Erlidom before they could get a single hit in. Then it became dodge-o-rama with our Indoraptors.

Probably goes, without saying, but I lost that battle 3-0. Sucks. Might look into Purutaurus soon.

Quite a long time ago my Indor was facing another Indor. We both used evasive and we all dodged every attack. On the first evasive, all 3 attacks from both sides were dodged, then one turn dodge free and both took the attack, then both used evasive again. We dodged again until the opponent got killed. There were at least 8 consecutive dodges (I don’t count that turn when we could not use evasive).

I read the title and immediately thought of the song.

Butttrumpet - so mad lately.

I would post but… It’s very cursy

What is making me angry is how so many players forgot to play the game without a boosted Thor…


This is why you need “Prowler”