So annoyed right now!

My alliance is part of the Metahub partners and I’ve been trying to give my group the info so they can join in but every message I’m posting is getting flagged. It’s like I have to talk in code to give them simple instructions.

The flagging/message blocking feature has to be re-examined in this game. They’re making it really hard to have a simple conversation with others who love the game as well and want to get more involved.

you cant say discord. has to be d i s c o r d

I didn’t know this was a bad word ?

in the game chat apparently they flag the words discord and ludia

that game chat is so hard to use too. everytime i type something it doesnt show till later. real laggy.

100% agree. game chat is too glitchy to use regularly

Discord and Facebook are trigger words. Type it as just disc or d i s c o r d. And facebook also.get flagged as fb. So type fake book