So any counters for pumba

Found that trakus is a sure counter ex:

Pumba: PS

Trakus: PR

Pumba: bellow/rampage/PS

Trakus; ID , counter

Pumba is dead

Did this but this is only possible is pumba doesn’t Crit so ya anyone else got any counters

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Moth: Bellow

Tarkus: PR

Tarkus: ID

Moth: MF

Moth: DSR

Dead Tarkus


Lol ya but why go for ID when it’s slower lol and rampage can’t kill it :joy:

I mean I feel like someone would do this but it’s very unlikely

Moth can go MF first turn too.

Could someone give Diplovenator a try? I just did, and I managed to take out Pumbaa using him. Not sure if it’s guaranteed, though.

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Indo gen 2


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It sadly doesn’t unless the other guy goofs. It’s strike, rampage, strike for moth and diplo dies while the opposing moth is set up

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Lol and give trakus a free super rampage?

Why would this be unlikely. It is one of tarkus’s best moves, so this can be a very predictable move, so tarkus isn’t a for-sure counter

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True but I mean for the tarkus user since you k ow you can’t be one shotted with a rampage nor a strike see here below
image image image image image

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In any case is Moth badly injured after fight with Tarkus, when survives. So MF, PR, ID, PF, DSR. With only super Rampage Tarkus do 2640 damage.
Nope, Moth needs to PF as Bellow is priority move and is faster than Tarkus.

I mean this the only reason he didn’t die cause he swapped in monostego

And I took one head on before and killed it with tarkus so again it’s possible
Smilon also does well

Yeah mind games and smart play with Tarkus.

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Yup same with smilocep he went for bellow I went for DP there wasn’t anything he could do after

That was probably a goof on the opponent. Moth wins 100% of the time. MF rampage always kills smilo

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Not if you do precise pounce before

It negates the +50% and it’s can’t one shot smilocep so ya

You can also dodge with evasive strike or DP