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So anybody come up with a good strategy for the Epic Strike on Sunday?


In case you forgot


Assuming it starts with Indoraptor, a possible CI crit does 3830.


Cross my fingers the entire battle


I would play with RNG.
Indoraptor(evasive), Indominus(Cloak), Monomimus(evasive), Tragod(back-up).

Either way, chances of winning this tower: 50-50


I don’t think I will win. My team is around level 20-24. I will try with Monostegotops (21), I-Rex (Lvl 20, benched for a long time), Thor (23) and Indoraptor (24), or replacing one of them with Stegodeus (23), not sure yet. If I know the order of the opponent dinos, it would be better planned. Any good suggestions?

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Having lvl 25-30 dinos ?

Seriously, you can have a chance with monostego for indo if you crit and stun. Suchotator for blue (even if blue pounce first sucho is dead) and maybe indominus for stygi. But you need some luck with this strategy…


Why not Suchotator for Indoraptor?
Maybe Indominus for Stygi but you possibly Rampage on another Dino hopefully Blue.

Trykosaurus will also take down Blue but most people don’t have that luxury I’m very luck to have it.

More plans will come out Sunday when we “know” the order but probably not in the morning. I think everyone is waiting for others to do it first and give us some ideas.

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Because indo can one shot him if he crits and I dont know how to deal with blue too … those high speed dinos don’t make it easy at all x)


No way on earth am I beating that. Might not even try lol

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Having level 25+ dinos is the best strategy.
I’ll try anyway. Starting suchotator+Draco G2 to kill indoraptor. After that I still don’t know what to do.

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My team remained this throughout. Lvl 18 Monostegatops, Lvl 19 Stegoceratops, Lvl 20 Indominus Rex, Lvl 20 Velociraptor. I would always start with the Mono. In the battles that involved the Rex, he would always play 1st of 3. Use the Monos slowing impact, then get hit by the Rex, but it won’t be fatal. Then use stun, followed by either attach to finish him off. Used the Indominus Rex primarily against the Brachiosaur, as he has 5000+ health. Use cloak and then hit big, you should be able to survive 2 Brachiosaur attacks. I never had to use the Raptor, however it could finish the fight off as a fast Dinosaur.


I think it’s a risk your going to have to take though? Just like relying on a stun really. Your going to need a few things to go your way… we all are.

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Send suchotator out first and hope stygimoloch doesnt start. Suchotator can take out indoraptor or blue, and from what i’ve seen, indor usually comes first. Also should probably bring a tragod or stegod, either can kill stygimoloch and blue, just hoping that suchotator can take out indoraptor first. Another option might be to bring a high level dracorex g2 to finish stuff off.

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The only problem with sucho is if indo crits :frowning:


yea tru, but there is a higher chance of it not critting

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Yeah sure, on the 3 indo I fought only one crit so finger crossed for tomorrow


Best strategy I can think of right now for low level based on NO CRITS as much as possible but doable:

Ankyn with 30% armor for indo with ID for blue (along with 0.5 counter) will be a good opener to survey for the risk takers that can’t wait for others to report first (19, 20 preferred, thago, swap) -> Suchomimmus (11, swap in bleed, barely survives for lethal, dies) -> Ankyn (absorb dmg with ID/shield to observe dino 2 and moveset pattern, thago if possible but unlikely, use as sacrifice if needed but observe and swap to set bleed, then swap back for death) -> Suchotator (20) -> Monostego (>18 for the win)

Put monostego out if stygi shows up, in event it hit and run you’ll thago Blue upon entry.
This event is not easy!

For those of you with higher monostego, starting with it is also an option, just reverse the ankyn with it’s position

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If my squad can take out the level 30 Indo, I will consider it a win.

If I can take out two, I will be thrilled.

If I win, the game is definitely broken.

I lost many of the Epic strikes in the past, no biggie. I will most likely lose more in the future, also no biggie. I give them all the best I can, but don’t sweat losing them.

I have never passed on at least attempting any of them. If I lose, and it was close, I shell out $200 for another try at the step I lost on. If I lose and it was not even close, I walk away.


Please suggest if I have some chance of winning this 3x Dinos strike event with my Dinos?

Please do tag me when replying so I get notification. Thanks

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I’ve lost for sure :wink:

When ur only level 9 and can’t go outside…
Even when I can it’s torrential rain so I don’t even bother :wink:


You’re kidding us right?