So anyone got any ideas

Like this strike seems impossible not cause indo or raptor but the all mighty INCOMEraptor is here at lvl 30 so anyone know a sure way to beat it

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I beat it using my Utasinoraptor followed by Quetzorion. AI doesn’t seem to use Evasive Stance so DI (already used CI on Indoraptor previously) took a huge chunk out and left it with barely anything. Quetzorion was boosted in speed so it only took one SideStep for it to be faster.

If you’re talking about unboosted? I can only take a guess at Gemini or Ardentis.

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I also love there suggestions

In other words good luck cause one of these creatures can just spam a strike and you’ll be dead

Lol ya indo and raptor aren’t a problem I’ve beaten them before when my creatures were lvl 19-21 it’s that indo gen2 that I feel there is nothing I can do

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This was very easy quezorion killed 2 and indo g2 finished last one

Beat it with Dio, Indo2, and Maxima. Didn’t even need Erlidom.

Mine went something like:

Vraptor: Pounce
Dio: ID
Vraptor: Strike
Dio: SS
Dio: Ferocious

Indo2: Cautious
Dio: SS
Dio: SS
Indo2: DSR

Slowed Indo2 and then Indo1 that followed were no match for Maxima to sweep

Edit: I forgot I didn’t need Indo2 either lol

It’s actually surprisingly easy. My level 23 Erlidominus and level 22 Snilonemys managed to finish it all by themselves. I started with Erlidominus and opponent with Velociraptor. I one-shotted Velociraptor with a rampage. Then comes Indoraptor, against which I used cloak. He didn’t bypass, so I one-shotted it with another rampage. Then came in the last creature. I used minimal speedup strike, while opponent’s Indoraptor Gen 2 used cautious strike. With all the health my Erlidominus has left, I go for a failed to bypass evasion rampage, while the AI wastes its defense shattering rampage. I know all Indoraptor Gen 2 has left to do was a cautious strike, so my Smilonemys decelerated it with shielded decelerating strike and then finished it off with a pounce.

Unboosted, I beat it with Phora, DC, Maxima and Orion, with Velo first, then Indo and Indo G2 last.
If the order is the same as mine, you don’t need Maxima or Orion.
Phora and DC can take care of the first two at level 20, then you just need to Decelerate Indo G2, rat it and finish it off with something fast.

I took Indoraptor, Indominus, Indoraptor G2 and Indominus G2. Figured I’d beat them at their own game. I was 2-1 up when the darn Indoraptor G2 walked through my remaining team. Not happy doesn’t even begin to cover it. :angry:

I used my own Level 26 Gen 2 at the start and and my level 25 maxima to finish

I lost twice. :sweat_smile:
Tho i will be trying 1 more time with my boosted allorap and smilonemys in the line up this time.
Allorap (20) 5-8-6
smilon (22) 0-0-3
gemini 21
and maybe DC. not sure on the last one.

Erlidom, Erlikospyx, Smaxima and Kapro. Nothing useful came out of the incubator though.

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Indog2 and Magna are enough to win for me.

Lol so lost once barley by 72 hp on raptor and the fact that he went for strike instead of pounce but in the end I did again and I won but question… um I thought they didn’t use evasive or MF
image image image

Doesn’t matter tho I won although it was just a bunch of gamma pretty useless… for now also

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Congrats! Yeah, gamma was the best i got, and I don’t need to level it anyway.

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Lol this was my team the first time I used Phorusaura and it misse one shotting raptor by 73 hp so ya next time I used my raptor and used one boost to make it faster one ko it

Still happy thylo got the finale take down

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Same with my Kapro. Dropped him on Indoraptor because it cleansed itself and could rampage smaxima if I didn’t.

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I beat this with just my level 27 Erlidom and level 25 Orion. Both unboosted.

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