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So, anyone have the same problem?

Probably all already experienced the problems that brought the version 1.7 starting with the fact that the version of Android was released after a looong time.
For my part did not suffer much the problem because I have both iOS devices and Android, however it was necessary to update on my cell to go hunting outside my house, so began a monumental task to try to download the update , because for some reason play store still has problems to update. After a few hours and by some mystical miracle the game was updated and i can finally start mi hunt of the new creatures (this happen the wednesday).
Today I had to restart my cell because the signal was not working well and as it is recurrent in my case after this the GPS of the game stops working properly and I must reinstall the app to work again, and to crown my bad luck Play store returned to Tene R errors to download the game.

Translation: Play store can not download this app