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So anyone seen a scolosaurus this week

I’m in area 1 and scolo is on the hybrid case yet I’ve activated a couple of giga scents and haven’t seen one I’m wondering if it’s bugged

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Same. Seen none besides the usual ones that spawn. Did not see a single koola either even though i play quite a lot and use a lot of gigas.


Not a single one, also not a single koola last week, but still a lot of eucladoceros.


Its still Koola pursuit, they forgot to switch it. See Koola occasinally.

Yes I have. They’re quite common in my range.

Do you also see a lot of parasaurolophus and monolophosaurus gen 2 by any chance?

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Yes. Local 4.

Then obviously you see a lot of scolo as well :slight_smile: This is about the weekly pursuit so anyone from local 4 should not respond :wink:

Seen none. tho i don’t particularly need it. im after sono.

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They’re everywhere around here, like cockroaches

No Koola or Scolosaurus seen!!

Same for me

Local 4 I reckon?

Nope, local 3

Interesting. I remember in the past that it’s sometimes necessary to clear your cache in order to see the new weekly spawns. Maybe your cache isn’t broken or already cleared.

doesnt work

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@Ned please take a look. thank you

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This game has turned into such a bugfest that I clear the cache twice a day

I did that less than 5 times in 3 years. You can’t solve bugs by clearing cache, developers need to sort their stuff out :slight_smile:

Hey there, TrexTrex. If you believe there are some issues with the creature spawns in your game, I would recommend emailing our support team at with your support key included. This will allow our team to gather the necessary information to investigate.

Thank you!