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So anyway, I wrote a fanfiction

that’s not too far off from something that will happen in the future, no spoilers though

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and i will include the part about the spine later but again no spoilers. I tried to hint at it by saying that he managed to keep his balance instead of falling on his side. That could’ve been fatal


Could you please include Indoraptor Gen 2 in Indoraptor Tamer,but make it an opponent and foe to Owen,and even let the humans discover about Indominus Rex being alive in Indominus on Sorna,not now,later on,but surely yes please

Okay,that is nice. Keep Writing! :upside_down_face:


Enjoyable, I wait for the next part!

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you shouldn’t have to wait TOO long wink

@anon43877113 @Gojiraptor @kingCRAGGERcroc @AlangasaurusIsAwesom that’s right you best believe it, the day after the last Indominus on Sorna chapter, I give you an Indoraptor Tamer chapter. If you’re lucky I might be able to get another IoS chapter out tomorrow too. Chapter 3 - The Test is now available to read!

i be working hard to get these out for y’all now, chapter 4 of IoS should be out later today

I am on iOS

you mean the phone?

Yes,it does say chapter 4 is available for reading.

it shouldnt do because im not finished with it yet

Damn Autocorrect! I might have mis spelled doesn’t.

ah thats fine then, got a little worried for a second

@anon43877113 @kingCRAGGERcroc @Gojiraptor @AlangasaurusIsAwesom
Well then lads, turns out my horrible sleeping habits have cucked me once more, but it’s OK because Chapter 4 - The Past is now available to read. Also in case you didn’t see Chapter 3 of Indoraptor Tamer is out too

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Finished ch-4

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@anon43877113 @kingCRAGGERcroc @Gojiraptor @AlangasaurusIsAwesom hello all, Indoraptor Tamer Chapter 4 - Communication is available to read now

@anon43877113 @kingCRAGGERcroc @Gojiraptor @AlangasaurusIsAwesom hello all, Indominus On Sorna Chapter 5 - Responsibilities is now available to read

@anon43877113 @Gojiraptor @AlangasaurusIsAwesom @kingCRAGGERcroc So very sorry everybody, been dealing with some personal issues but I should be able to crack on with the stories again. The Indoraptor Tamer Chapter 5 - Hatred is now available to read. Again I’m so sorry.

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It’s fine.

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