So apparently words don't mean anything

Some of us have noticed how some move names in the last few updates make no sense, like Cautious Cunning Rampage having nothing to do with cautious attacks (like Cautious strike) but is actually Instant (has priority) but doesn’t say that. I’m planning on making a thread detailing every move with a confusing name at some point in the near future. But for now, I was doing the new Postimeterodon raid, and perhaps nothing shows how nonsensical move names are getting more than this.

Isn’t actually one of the “fierce” attacks and shares none of their effects. Doesn’t say anything about damage increase (usually called FEROCITY not FIERCE).

The only thing these “cleansing” fierce attacks cleanse is vulnerability, which is something all fierce attacks cleanse anyway!!!

This might be the most forgivable of the three, but the name still does nothing to indicate that the move heals. At least the icon explains it pretty well.

Seriously though, can the devs fix these move names, and PLEASE stop giving moves such confusing and contradictory names in the first place! It makes it that much harder for players to make sense of all of these new and increasingly complex attacks. Please make words in move names have a consistent meaning for once!


Cautious Cunning Rampage should just be renamed to Instant Cunning Rampage because that’s literally what it is, Cunning Rampage but with Priority, I don’t understand why they didn’t just name it that


Because at this point they’re just taking random adjectives and tacking them onto whatever moves they want

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Instant defense should be renamed to Instant Healing Defense.


I’m planning on probably releasing a full list of weird names tomorrow, so if you notice another odd or confusing name, it’ll probably be there.


Same with the hydra raid, seriously

Squeeze and strike is just a group nullifying strike

Cold-blooded rampage is a percise rampage

Hard swallow is a healing rampage

Total cleanse and strike is a primal cleansing strike

Alert coil also makes 0 scense but since it doesen’t really match alert counter distraction i’m not really sure what to call it

Alert slither has so many things to it that i think it’s fine, but since it’s basicly the same thing that the unlockable hydra has i have no idea why the name isn’t the same as well

Venomous bite is also has so many things to it that i think it’s fine, but still you could call it something like instant percise maiming impact and it would sum up everything the move does


Oh I’ll get to these, don’t you worry :joy:

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There is precedent for moves being renamed. It would be nice if Ludia could do something about it. Until then?


There is, but they don’t do it quite nearly enough. Hopefully they will soon. Like you said, there is some hope.