So...are tanks dead?

I am very curious to see if tanks are still going to be used. Lots of tank busters.

But if no tanks, are tank busters kinda meh?

I dunno. Im no meta expert. Just thinking aloud.


if fast hitters do not die, tanks will always be there to serve

Basically, kind of, since the superiority strike change.
It allows DoT to damage them right through

They aren’t dead but they are not as useful now that they cannot stop bleeding other than swapping to something else. DoT should remain something that SS can remove.

The dawn of the Bleeding Counter meta :ok_hand:t2:


Wish I could remember all the non immune dino’s with SS. They aren’t all tanks.

I hope if you have a good swap in you can still play tank. Stegcera has two big stuns and its slow is less curable.

There’s always dracorex gen 2 for the clutch though :joy::joy::joy:

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I was disappointed to see how little Drag Gen2 DNA I have. Might end up making the Hybrid.

Just noticed Tentosarus attack from 850 to 1160. With swap in stun maybe thats viable.

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Immunity-Bleeding-Swapping-Counter Meta I’d say


Looks like they want every Dino to be dead within 3 strikes.
Tanks can bleed out after 3
Glass cannons dead after 2
Immune dead within 3

I think we will get more draws.

Immunity has always been a big deal but you lose out of dmg output. It seems like bleed/ big hitter might be the new meta but I also think they have opened the door for a wider variety of options. We may see a wide open meta


Ohhhhh man, the Arena is gonna be so much fun!!! I can’t wait :grin:


but she can be a desicive one-shot glass cannon as nothing can stop a Swap-In-Defense Shattering Rampage.

I think about leveling her for that one duty.

Tanks arnt dead at all. Stegodeus is still among the best tanks out there still hits hard like a truck just isn’t able to dish out a ton of damage to a wide range of Dino’s anymore and also is gona struggle against bleed. I think a decent amount of ppl will keep them on their teams since a lot of ppl over leveled their platted god and it isn’t as nerfed as much as some ppl seem to be saying. Tragodistis stat wise wasn’t nerfed that much either and even got an attack buff. But he’s affected by SS nerf which means gotta watch out for bleed.

I would say no speedy Dino’s will always be countered by tanks so yeah they will have a role just don’t expect to succeed with a whole team of tanks when ap attacks are being handed out left right and center in new update and bleed has been made a sure fire alternative to apr