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So are they not available

Is the rhino, mammoth, and deer gonna park/ event exclusive cause I was looking at the incubators and nothing

Like so are they gonna be released later or did ludia just forget to add them in.

I love how the new rare sauropod is classed as an epic


Lol Ik right

Imagine opening an epic and one of your epics is a rare :joy:



You walk away laughing to yourself today, but when u do the epic strike on Friday and get that :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Lol ya I’m just wondering if they can clarify when they are gonna be released

TBH, I’m not sure that turtle is even in it so i don’t know when they would be in it

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Hmmmm think it is but I’ll check

Edit:nope but hopefully these are also not park exclusive cause like then yikes

If you go to your news, it says the mammoth is walking around for a limited time like the Nasutoceratops & G2 Allosaurus did. If you’ve got epic scents, popping those this week may be your only shot of seeing one soon

When darting it it behaves like a epic head/tail/head/tail jada jada jada :expressionless:


woolly rhino’s in incubators


cool. am i going to buy any? probably not. at least one of them made in into an incubator. Carbo still hasn’t

i hope i can get that rhino :persevere::pleading_face::confounded:

Good luck. Hope you get it

i did not get it :sob::fearful::cry:

I used to get nothing but Stygarbage and Alanqa -_-.

What epics you get?

ankylosaurus and the other one i don’t quite remember, but i think it might have been maiasaura

Ok well i supposed it coulda been worse, Anky is very good and used in end game uniques so there is that, but i am sorry to hear you missed out on the new ones you wanted.

I saw people who unlocked Rhino with the Epic Incubator!

it’s possible…