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So are they not available

Hoping to find a new dino, I took the bus home from work. The trip takes almost an hour and a half. Almost home i saw a mammoth, but she was just out of (vip) range. Left the bus at the next stop and sprinted back to the mammoth. As soon as she was in range i started darting. Darted 111. Uah, i thought, i am such a chicken … if i had kept running maybe i could have unlocked her. But the joy prevailed. I went home (realizing that the temperature had dropped below zero degrees).
Can’t remember the last time I was so excited in Pokemon Go.

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With multi-fuse, i managed to use up most of my Stygi DNA. And make my TraGod 4k over lvl.30… That hurt my ego.

I got a rhino in the epic incubator awarded for completing campaign 73 :slightly_smiling_face:

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Tried 72 numerous times now, got very close a few times but the AI is quite good… I need a few lucky crits in order to beat it…

Any word on the Elk? Where it be?

Definitely easier since the patch - think I did it on about my 3rd attempt having tried numerous times in 1.10; in 1.9 I didn’t have 4 L28s.

And not heard about elk - had actually forgotten that was added - maybe its a daily; not seen a wild rhino but bagged a couple of Mammoths and some Bajas

I actually had that but it was fine with me