So…are we getting Dominion creatures?

I know that we’ve been expecting at least a Giga or a Therizino G2, but with all the dominion-themed packs/events appearing rn I’m starting to have doubts. I for one would really like to see at least those two come to the game, since both current models are quite dated at this point



Most likely, but in due time. It’s going to take Ludia some time to create especially if they haven’t started yet.

I figured Blue was a more important addition, so they focused on her. Just like Bumpy and Scorpious, these would come sometime later.

Also, Atrociraptor would be in the running of being added too.

In all I’d like to see a new Giganotosaurus model and animation first.

We just gotta wait…


don’t forget the giant locusts and microceratus!! I would love to see those added

How would locusts be added, it would be just odd… because if I’m not mistaken they’re a few feet long, if not less than one… and the smallest is like Troodon or Pyroraptor

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Probably not.

I don’t think the locusts will be in it. Microceratus well there is a chance we might get flock creatures are coming so perhaps yes

If giga is gonna get a remodel and perhaps rarity change like mosasaurus gigakylocephalus might be the first legendary s hybrid besides both indoraptors. But the dominion giga is probably gonna be added as giga gen 2

oh,alright,i just really want giant insects to be in the game tho.

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