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So as not to be rude


Didnt want anyone thinking im being a jerk or ignoring them.

Im quitting the forums. Its a step Im taking along with quitting competitive play.

I get way too worked up over this game. Its not you, its me. And its not good for my family for me to get so worked up.

So my focus is changing to just having fun, playing with my fam and playing with my alliance.

Thanks to the awesome community for all the help and support!! I made a lot of friends here.

Take care all!! I won’t be reading pms or any responses.




Maybe it’s a bit late to ask this but does it really have to be all or nothing? A reduction in the time spend on the forums I can understand, but to cut them out completely? It just seems like overkill to me.

Regardless, take care of yourself.


Maybe if the community wasn’t so toxic or whiney, we wouldn’t lose awesome people like Wrothgar. I’ve cut down the amount of time I’m on the forums in recent months as well. Less stressful and I am less likely to have someone going down my throat when I say something they don’t agree with.

People now a days are way too sensitive and get offended over everything.

We’ll miss you Wrothgar! You were an awesome person.


I agree completely, that’s why I often disappear for days at a time only to poke my head in now and again to see if there are any interesting topics.



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Do what’s best for you!


Right behind you…

VIP subscription cancelled for two accounts

Noooo!!! I will miss you bud! It has been real! :frowning:
Come back when you miss us! We will def. Miss you and your insight!


Later my good sir I will be stepping back too I believe that it is the right choice.


Family first is important for sure, but you have a connection with many here and that is a healthy thing. I don’t know that severing ties completely is going to take the competitive side of you away. Channel it differently by changing perspective. No offense to the top players, but where does one go from there? It’s hard to remember this is just a game due to the challenges of battles, finding the needed DNA, time and money. I guess you do you and if this is goodbye I will say goodbye and take care of you and yours!

PS keep smiling, it’s important!


My like does not indicate that I’m happy to read this, only that you’ll be missed. I hope you’ll be back.

Best wishes. :slightly_smiling_face:


You don’t have to ‘disappear’ cause of any forum drama.

You can do ‘selective reading’ and reply only if it’s truly necessary. :smile:

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That explains playing Wrothgar earlier today as he battled with level 20,21 creatures.


Bye Wrothgar!
Have a good journey!
You will be missed. :sneezing_face:


Ow, that sucks… But I totally understand him. I’m playing less and less.for the same reasons. This game can be quite irritating…

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