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So... Best Boost 2.0 Thor build? :D

Think we should go for damage or speed? Looks like a game of rock-paper-scizzors to guess how fast Thor needs to be to continue chomping on people’s very sanity. Thankfully the stat rollback option will help us experiment. What do y’all think?

I think health and attack would be best, but then you have to think of the many things that can distract and do big damage to Thor while he flounders.

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Just remember, you only get half back… and lose the other half. Best to just bench the dumb thing. :stuck_out_tongue:


But the dumb thing is hyooodjj! I like the dumb thing! Loki, my Thor, is the Hulk of my squad. He has outwitted many a foe with all the cunning of a skyscraper-sized sledge hammer.
…Or, in other words, he’s my only level 25 and I’m still using a level 21 Stygidaryx :-/ Yeah I’m definitely a freeloader with the massive Sino flood earlier :joy:

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I’m gonna wait and see how fast the trykos become. Then I’ll see how much speed to put into it.

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I’ve never liked it. Lol

Stygidaryx you say?


drools slightly
You… You use it? It works? Level 28, you don’t like Thor, but you use Stygidaryx? I love bleeders!

Sheer force is not “outwitting"! A cat could win by using Thor’s massive power.

It rotates on and off the team. Extremely situational. Ok against dio, good if you can time it with a tryko distract or immune, but then have to have a good dino to swap to when you do the cleansing strike. As I’ve heard someone else say about a creature - it’s a hard one to learn to drive. Best on a team with other swappers, whether dodge or stun, or even one of the dreaded swap in damagers (DC, monostego). I have a L30 dimodactylus, too, and now a L29 thyla… slowly working on vexus. I’m a bleeder fan too.

'Twas a joke. The Thor is as smart as a skyscraper-sized sledgehammer. Figured that was about accurate…


Oh sorry. Lol I didn’t get it.

GASP Do you use the Dimodactylus in your standard arena fights ever? Is the Stygidaryx in your standard lineup, or is it in your “because you can” expansions?

My first thought is to go 20 attack and all the rest in hp. In a meta full of high hp dinos I see no point in boosting speed on such a naturally slow dino. It won’t outspeed a speedster. The only problem would be if people start running fast trykos and dios, but really, why would someone do that? It would be a sacrifice to their best qualities.

But even a “sky-scraper” sized sledgehammer is susceptible to being pushed over by the weight of its own head. Too top heavy means it will easily fall unto itself figuratively speaking. Easily taken down in other words.

Honestly, Thor will likely end up being back to how it was back pre-boost days. So many things in this meta can kill it, and are common. Even Maxima, Smilonemys, and Geminititan can take it on and win against it. All it can really do now are take on Tryko, Dioraja, and Grypolyth, all of which can be handled by other creatures.

To me, Thor is screwed once boosts 2.0 drop. It heavily disliked being limited a number of times it’s able to boost, as well as his other stats decreasing upon being boosted

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I’m thinking a glass cannon might be his best use now. Max attack and then speed. Get him in to do max damage quick. Even after the first kill if your opponent brings in something faster you still have a instant charge to fall back on if his first strike can take you out.

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Max attack is notable, but thor will only have 129 speed, which all of its counters will be over that threshold since a lot of them are speedy to begin woth

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