So... big update, little change


So I dont think I’m being too early with this judgement since without buying the extra pterosaur incubator I already managed to get alanqa to level 14, and can imagine people buying the incubators can get the epic new pterosaurs even higher. And the arena is exactly the same as before. One massive tank-fest, sporadically broken up by ridiculous rng from the likes of stegoceratops and indominus. Last time there was a massive update, the one that shot out both the raptor’s kneecaps then proceeded to stab their prone bodies repeatedly, the meta changed almost overnight. I admit to kind of seeing this coming though seeing as they made almost no relevant changes to the majority of the most overused dinosaurs in the meta and just hoped piling in a bunch of new dinos and a new mechanic that didnt relate at all to the tanks would somehow do something.


What exactly were you and/or people expecting to happen, making tanks useless eliminates half the dinos in the game. Frankly I think this concept is being proliferated unfairly as I see plenty of non-tank dinos and nobody in the top 500 fields a team of exclusively tanks. A balanced team is a must and therefore the game is balanced. I will not fully disagree because the update didnt shake things up but the game is mich more balanced than its getting credit for.


This update was hyped to hell and back, going on and on about the brand new pterosaurs we were getting and the brand new swapping mechanincs and brand new etc etc etc. And what have they done to the meta? Absolutely nothing. Why is it these ‘big’ updates either completely eviscerate a group of meta-relevant dinosaurs or do absolutely nothing to them? I’m not talking about making tanks useless, but shaking things up a bit so its not just endless teams of stegodeus, tragodistis, stegoceratops + 1 random add on. Maybe you have to be in the top 500 to see these ‘balanced’ teams, for me in the middle of sorna marshes it’s just as stale a meta as it ever was.

And as for the balance of the game, it actually feels like they tried to make tanks even more op by nerfing the crap out of their counters. Sure, cut away at rex’s attack, it’s not like he needed that to get through stegodeus. Get rid of gorgosuchus’s priority cleanse, that wont completely invalidate it against stegod.