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So blues out in the wild then!


So I’ve just got blue from the scent of claws,
Have I missed something? Did not think it was in the wild and scents only bring in dinos that are in the wild?
Anybody else had it?

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Its one of the dinos for that scent. It doesnt attract wild dinos. It has a base set of possibilities since the scent of claws is themed. Blue brachio and sino are the possible epics


Common : Apatosaurus, Stegosaurus (88.55%)
Rare : Charlie, Delta, Dracorex (10.55%)
Epic : Brachiosaurus, Blue, Sinoceratops (1.01%)

You are really lucky! 1% chances to have this spawn.
Not the luckiest guy on earth, having Sinoceratopo attracted is like a miracle!

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I’ve got 2 blue but no sino yet

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Would take sino over blue any day.

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