So Boost reset?

So like when is the next boost reset? last one was like june


Hopefully when the next update comes.


Last one was May. This one is long overdue with all the changes.


do you guys think we should get an boost incubator when we got the boost reset that was overdue in our in game mail

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here here i agree after all this rubbish we need one


Ludia usually does a boost reset every 6 months so next one should be in November


ooooh thats in 3 days… for me at least

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November isn’t 3 days away…


for him at least…


where can it currently be a few days away from november?
and not to get off topic, but I feel as though we may get a boost reset or shuffle before the year ends, that’s my hope at least


sorry but you can’t understand a person though internet! he say it’s 3 day for him, It’s 3 day for him.

and yeah hope Boost reset come soon…

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Oops !!!.. im forgetting my months 2 days from now its october for me at least

I think Boost Reset or Boost Shuffle is a MUST
when you(LUDIA) changed many things/abilities/stats in the game b/c the changed you have made affected to all players dinos and tactics that players boost for the dinos. And the last 2 updated have lots of changed, lots of buff and nerf.


Seriously! Got on here just to ask about a boost shuffle

I’m sure we can all agree that a boost reset is needed, apexes that everybody has used just got thrown into the garbage, 3K boosts wasted for some people, the resilient change completely formed a new meta and now with 3 new apexes coming in we need a boost reset. Most of my team consist of creatures that have been affected by the recent changes and we have been getting in new creatures that are musts and we need boosts for them. What is the point in boosting creatures when they will just get changed and then our boosts are left on them for months. We only get half our boosts back if we take them of and that is not worth it in the long run at all. The power creep is growing and there is no way that most players can keep up because we are stuck with our outdated creatures. If Ludia thinks that they are making money by making us stick with our current creatures, they are wrong. More people are just leaving or cutting of their spending on the game. The 2.9 update was such a shock that it came with no boost reset that people literally canceled their VIP subscriptions and posted photos. What dont you understand about making a fun and balanced game. All we are asking is to give us our boosts back. The main problem tho is that you guys dont communicate properly with the player base. As of right now, nobody knows when we will get a boost reset or if we even are going to get one. Just tell us - No, you guys are not getting a boost reset, we dont know when the next boost reset will be or a boost reset will be once every 6 months etc etc. @E.D @Davy @Ned (happy bday btw ned), can you please forward this to the team?


So we’re nearing 3 updates with SO MANY changes and more to come and still no boost reshuffle? IMO there losing revenue with this approach. I’ve stopped spending RL money on boosts because I have so many tied up in completely unusable creatures. We really need a boost reset or shuffle. PLEASE listen to your player base…


I wonder if Ludia will ever give players another boost reset or are they determined to let this bad will (going back 2 updates now) fester until more and more people abandon the game?

Just wondering…


I think it’s time ludia gives us a much needed boost reset apart from the resilient creatures that got changed and recent changes in some Dino’s from past updates we need to readjust our boosts and update our teams! @Ned @E.D can you guys help us out please


The mods should seriously merge all of these boost reset threads at some point.

While I would hope that Ludia would do the right thing by giving a boost reallocation they have shown us time and time again that they are not about doing ‘the right thing,’ but about doing ‘the most profitable thing.’ C’mon, if there is a bug that effects players it rarely gets fixed. If it is a bug that costs Ludia money? They will have it fixed in 60 minutes or less.

Right now Ludia is changing the meta every 6 weeks or so to render entire player teams useless. To some degree this has always been a pattern for them. Promote an OP creature. Have people build it, boost it, and then Ludia nerfs it. Ludia was literally selling $50 monolmetrodon incubators in the store one week before they killed it.

This behavior is very profitable for Ludia because it means players will buy incs and boosts to try to keep a good team going. It puts many players on the purchasing treadmill.

Of course, it also means some people will leave. If they are not their big spenders, however, Ludia doesn’t care. It’s about making a return on the player investment for them. If you do not give them enough cash you are expendable. F2P are obviously expendable except as food for the whales.

Somewhat surprisingly, Ludia seems to feel that VIP players are also expendable. In answer to the The exodus of VIP players they did not offer a boost reset. Instead they gave us ad placements for VIP in the game to attempt to replace the VIP players they had lost.

Anyway, the point is that I am not sure boost resets, or overall player satisfaction, are a part of their profitability plan.