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So called "Hyena" (Creature file #176)

Time for a new creature file. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a mammal that appears in the Walking With Beasts series. Everyone, Meet the Hyaenodon.

Rarity: Common

Health: 3350

Damage: 1430

Speed: 124

Armor: 0%

Critical: 20%


Cleansing Strike

Rending Takedown

Passive: No Escape

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease

Possible hybrid: Hyetelodon, Fuse with Hyenadon and Entelodon

Rarity: Epic

Health: 3440

Damage: 1420

Speed: 124

Armor: 10%

Critical: 30%


Cleansing Shattering Strike

Ferocious Impact

Rending Takedown

Group Shattering Impact

Passive: No Escape

Resistance: 100% Speed Decrease, and Stun

  • The name, Hyaenodon, means “Hyena Tooth”.

  • Despite its name, Hyenadon is not related to hyenas what so ever. They belong to a different kind of group known as creodont.

  • The largest, Hyenadon gigas, is able to take down larger prey by its own.

Can you guess who this is?:

Do NOT click on the picture, and search it through any websites. I want to hear the answer from you.



Ba dum tss

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Is it xenoceratops?



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Who would have wanted it as the wedding crasher colour

(from primeval)

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No thank you

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