So can we expect parasaurolpohus lux hybrid?

As the new legendary lux is not a hybrid i think we can use it to fuse with an epic hybrid ? If that’s how it works
It would be great to have new hybrids more often to make this game little bit enthusiastic I hope !
So here is an example image

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Well, the raptor squad for their hybrids, so I’d expect glowy para will get a hybrid eventually

They will pair it with a non-hybrid to create a unique, which as a non-superhybrid could be used to create an Apex superhybrid, mark my words

There’s only so many raids they can cram into their schedule and wild legendaries are their first step towards having fusable hybrid apexes

Yeah i was thinking the same it should have something to do with an apex. I tried to make a apex hybrid but it toolbox wont allow :confused:

While i don’t think it’a imposible that lets say hadros is sudenly gonna be fusable or literal hybrid apexes, i think what they’ll do is combine it with a hybrid andake a uniqe shper hybrid.

I think it will eventually make hadros lux

How about those hybrids that don’t have supers yet? hmmmmmmm

*Shows The Thinking Raptor Meme picture”
If Parasaur lux fuses with a Non Hybrid, Will it fuse into an apex Creature?