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So can we talk about Gemini DSA? What's it really supposed to be?

Notes say Gemini Definite Shield Advantage should be 2x attack. Patch hits and it was still only showing 1.5x attack.

Fast forward to a couple of minutes ago and it now shows as a 2x attack move, but the cooldown is now 2 on it.

So the notes either missed the cooldown (most likely scenario), or the cooldown should really only be 1 and it’s still incorrect in the game.


What’s happening lol


They should have left it at 1.5. With tryko and max nerfs Gem was well balanced as it was .


I mean it looks balanced either way on paper… on one hand you got 1.5 but with the lesser cooldown compared to 2x with the lonnng cooldown, but I think I prefer 1.5 with the 1 turn cooldown, ngl.


For me definite shield advantage was never that useful for me.