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So.. close...aaaaaaand another 10 DNA fusion


The struggle is real. Not a huge fan of the Baronyx legend, just a side note


Yeah, 10 fusions are real struggle.

EDIT: Baryonyx is great when it’s leveled up. Mine is lvl 21 and can take 2 hits now.


Wait till you get to uniques and are turning 50 indom and 2000 vraptor dna into 10 indo… and thats the easiest one.

Tryo is bad at level 16… but can still be viable if used right… dont use rtc unless your sure you can get away with it… revenge killing an almost dead dino with ferocious strike then hitting the next dino in with the rampage is the way to go.

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Just wait til you get 4 10s in a row on dilorach and tryko after spending hours out and about hunting dna…


Often happens with me :neutral_face:


*Baryonyx to be exact

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Just… saw the chance and boy did you take it.

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