So close I can almost pet him

750 more raptor DNA and I can do my six Indo fuses which will hopefully let me create, if the RNG God’s are feeling merciful Tonight. I got 120 Indo DNA from the first five fuses I did so it’s totally possible! Cross your fingers for me tonight! I’m dropping scents til I get the raptor DNA, don’t care how long it takes. :rofl:


Good luck :+1:t2:

bonne chance!

raptors always spawn near wawa’s, so get yourself there!

The closest Wawa to me is 45 minutes away. We have Quick Checks here. Wawas start a bit further west. But there is one actually sitting down by the quick check a block away but my kids are asleep. :sob:

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See the little jerk in the right corner, taunting me just out of reach? That’s a Quick Check.

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DNA Velocy is need a lot of time to collect. I hope your next fuse get 80 dna.and soon pet him.:hugs:

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Aw thanks. :blush::blush:

475 to go…

Indoraptor very effective for win battle and annoying opponent. Lets soon pet him👍

I dont join VIP member so just get max 200 dna velocy

Highest I’ve gotten is 325. But that was only once, usually between 250-290.

Just need one more stinking raptor…:crazy_face:

Do you know how much velocity and Rex dna it took in total?

i’ve gotten an 80 and a 90 fusing a unique before, so good luck. a lot of 10s too though

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@TyrannosaurusLex You can do it! And its good to have him… Ideally! :crossed_fingers::ok_hand:

So far 22k raptor just for the raptor portion of it…not including the fuses to get th IRex DNA. I’d say probably an extra 10k for that.

just fuse it. you might have it unlocked already with 5 fuses.

Wawa > Quik Check. I have a Wawa tattoo to back that statement up.

I very much prefer Quick Chek coffee and food to Wawa. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

AHHHH. I can’t believe it! I got to 210 with one fuse left and was like there’s no way I’m getting 40. And I got exactly 40!!! :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin: