SO CLOSE! (Screenshots to groan about)


I’ve had two recent ones, so I’m posting - what are your recent “Argh - I’m so close to _______!” in the game?


That sucks…why would leave you inSuspense?


Here is mine. :cold_sweat:


You might have to do strike towers and build up for dna


9 days ago couldn’t make this during it featuring in an event week. Today I did make it getting the dna from a strike tower. Close isn’t nowhere in this game its close. e106127829a6be2cc75e7c4a723e3edf38437090_1_236x500



WHYYYYY!!! :frowning:



I’m crying now. I am so close! Then the pain in getting enough to level her to 15 ;~;



Shup up at least you have one. Even with the raptor even I’m still far away