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So Close To Begin Fusing Finally

Just need to find more Deinocherius…


I’m starting to fuse my own Diloracheirus as well @TruMisery! Although I am in need of more Diloranosaurus DNA. How are you planning on using it on your team? I think I’m going to replace my Tanycolagreus with it.

I have never had a unique I wish o had one :joy:;-;

Had 25k or so Diloracheirus before I started fusing and thought that’l be plenty, right.

Congrats! It’s still a big pain to get 250 dna to unlock him tho ;-;


I haven’t fully thought about where to put her yet… thinking of possibly dropping irex or diloranosaurus…

Any recommendations would be great… though I’m not going to hold my breath on unlocking her quickly… i still have about 2k dilo dna to fuse with… not sure if it’ll be enough the way i get 10’s…

I think I would replace Diloranosaurus. Indominus Rex has saved me from many tight situations in battle!

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Cherius is amazing @Ned mine just had a birthday she’s 24 now :wink: