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So close to being good again

With so many good/viable dino options to battle with. I can’t help but think how fun this game would be without boosts.

This isn’t another “I hate boosts” thread (which I do).

But I do hate how there are so many options now to play around with in battles yet no one can use them because they aren’t team level plus boosts.

I would be very motivated to hunt for indo gen 2 and Thylacotator dna components. Then spend my coins to level them up and see if they improve my team.

But with boosts, I’m stuck with my 8 I decided on months ago (I do have boosts saved for a new team member but that’s not the point)

Ludia did a great job creating all these wonderful new hybrids over the last 2 patches, so credit is due. Now they need to find a way for us to use them.

Whether its boost roll-back or some new creative way, I believe it’s up to them to figure this out. It’s so close to being a great game now, if they can fix this team limitation hurdle it would be amazing for us players.

My 2 cents anyway. Just trying to get heard and seeing if others agree.


Not long ago i would 110% agree with you.
Ludia could sell a boost reset item (single dino) for some hard cash. I think 500$ would be fair so we still have to carefully boost and not just boost and rollback any other day.

BUT some high level player on this forum got a gooooood point against the boost reset.
He bought all the boosts till now (tier 7-9) and if he/she didnt have to rebuy boosts he/she could always go all in.
Top 500 would always be the same and no change would every happen.

This is why I boosted many many dinos. Around 40 have received at least one stat boost. Obviously some more than others, but I have many viable team member options - including my L24 thyla on the team with my L28 stygidaryx and L30 dimodactylus.

They just gave us the tools - it’s not their problem if people put all their eggs in 8 baskets.

(sorry, mixed metaphor, but I think you get the point)