So close to getting indoraptor I can almost stroke him 😂


Got my indominous to level 19 and it’s at 210/250. I have. Quite a lot of velociraptor, although it takes 2000 of those for each indoraptor evolve. I’m still stuck at 3400 since the tournament began so don’t think that having high level dinos gets you any higher ( I’m obviously a rubbish fighter :joy::crazy_face:) and I probably wont see another Trex for a month :slightly_smiling_face:


The idoraptor is only good if your opponent doesn’t have/use a dino with nullifying powers.

I would personally focus on leveling up a common dino… yep I said COMMON, but not just anyone… this one rocks


I’ve got tarbosaurus to level 21, a common with a nasty bite. But I have noticed that since I changed my team and put more legendaries on I’m losing more fights. I’m only a level 15 player. I’ve given up on getting anywhere on the tournament and just focusing on getting alll the dinos. Just lost from 3565 down to 3345 again. What’s the point :smile: now just waiting to open my 4x 3h incubators see what I get.


I may focus on deinocherus now seeing as I have 32000 dna for it ( it’s the only Dino that seems to spawn here, with a few others here and there.)
My dinos, what would you recommend :joy:


It looks like you get plenty of Tanys since yours is at lvl 17. Honestly I love using it. Pretty decent health/power&speed.


I’ll give it a go along with deinocherous … can’t do any worse than I am at the moment :smile:


Love my Indoraptor… just got her a few days ago, but she is definitely a permanent part if my team. Unlike the Indominus she’s not immune, however she can use evasive stance (50% dodge chance) all the time. Of course, it doesn’t always work, but if RNG is in your favor you can take down several dinos.

GL for lots of Rex and Veloci DNA!


Thanks … Trex are like finding hens teeth :joy:


Just as hard finding enough Velociraptors for 2,000 per fuse, they’re not as common as they once were. But the day will come!


I get a few veloc in the evening, between deinocher … I need more coins. There are never enough coins :smile: off to work now, only good bit is hitting drop points on the way :smile:


Any thing with a deceleration attack will kill tany in 2 hits


Just fused and got ten :joy::sob:


Got a 90 fuse on indoraptor the other day :heart_eyes:


i have indoraptor. had it for a while. level 24. not once have i ever had the urge to stroke him :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I got 100 DNA once, which is the reason I already have an Indoraptor. Saved me thousands of veloci DNA!


She might not have liked that you called her a “he”… I don’t think it’s healthy to offend an Indoraptor :smile:



except indoraptor is male…


I thought they were all female… thanks for correcting me, he might get mad if I call him a “she”! :open_mouth:


Hehe! Yeah, in the Jurassic lore the basic rule of thumb is ‘if in doubt; female’, but we have a few confirmed males in the films; Indoraptor, the feathered Raptors, Tiger Raptors, green Rexes, etc…

(I’m very certain JPIII’s Spinosaurus is male, but that’s mostly head-canon-ing)

Having said all that, I feel JWA is a game where it can be up to us; through those little bios, they never mention gender (not that I can think of, anyway), so if you want your Indoraptor to be female, ‘make it so!’ (Whoops; sorry, wrong franchise! XD)