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So close to lord lythronax

So close yet so far away…

Poor suchotator was my only qualified combatant for the next to last challenge.


I can fight that one but I can’t beat it. Those creatures are all level 30 with tier 8 boosts. So 167 speed magna, 142 tryko, etc.


Well here we have it folks. Some of us wanted hard challenges (including boosted AI), and we got it. Hope y’all can make it, cause Lord knows that I’m nowhere near close to being able to participate that far into it.


I love it.

I didn’t lose a single dino until 64. The Dioraja killed my Erlidom twice and I had to swap to a different dino. I killed the next few with no problem. Now, I’m stuck at 68 since you MUST have four level 24+ dinos to enter that fight, and I only have three.

i don’t think i have lost a single dino yet. :blush: and sadly i am also stuck at mission 68 due to only having 3/4 level 24 creatures

i seriously hate the dinosaur level restriction thing or what ever, bet i could fairly easily beat both 68 and 69 with just 3 level 24s…

Of course… with speed boosts everyone can beat these with no trouble at all.
That’s why they gated it like this.

Think of it like an achievement… get four level 24 dinos unlocked for mucho coins and some sweet unique DNA.


Just finished it. Number 72 was really hard to do. With a lot of luck i one shotted trycko with erlidominus cloacked rampage and then right after that came utarinex which i knocked out of the way immediatly with stike & run/dracoceratops swap in. And still it was really close since al my dino’s where slower. Used tenonto and magna as well.



Rewards worth it? How many levels are there?

  1. You get like 3-4 premium incs along the way, some epic incs and a bit of every unique’s DNA.


Anybody want to revisit the good old pre-boost days of planning strategies for beating these boss battles? :wink:


I’m stuck on level 68. :disappointed_relieved:

I was only able to make two level 24 creatures.

29 thor 29 tenontrex 28 magna 29 rat

Those rewards are unbelievable… But I’ll neevvveer complete all of the missions :disappointed:
What are the chances of actually getting a premium Inc for a F2p player?

I’m f2p and currently waiting for enough lvl28s to do match 72. And then match 73 will be an even bigger challenge. So it’s possible, but for me not yet. There are f2p players far ahead of me who managed already.

Cool, that’s good news. My team is 24 Indoraptor(just tonight), 23 Thor( will be 24 once I have enough coins), 24 Erldom, 22 Tryko, 21 Suchatator and my Proceratho, Monosteg, Dracocera, are staying at 20. So I guess I could do it, sometime.

You get a premium incubator for completing the legendaries bit of the campaign. I cleared most of it with just 21 Thor so you’ll be fine @Procerathomonomimus :slight_smile:

Are your dinos boosted to 8/8/8 or 9/9/9? How did you do that?

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Can you tell what dinos and in what order you used them?