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So close to lord lythronax

You’re not gonna get very far in tier 9 with a 21 thor though :slight_smile: There are level requirements in the last few battles in order to even enter it. And you’re gonna face a team of level 30 tier 8, so good luck with that!

I am in lev 72… but i can’t Play… because my dinos haven’t Level 28 or higher

Mission 72 will be your biggest hurdle. Its 4 lvl.30s at tier 8 boosts. So they outspeed you and hit very hard.

Mission 73 is easier because its 1 dino who hits direct damage. No Distraction, no stuns and no bleeds. Just pure damage and counter. Use DSR to get pass him.

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So I am stuck at 68! I got enough coins to level up Thor even after I leveled Indoraptor tonight, all because of the compaign rewards! I guess I’ll try to level up Erlidom( only 33 DNA away) and Suchatator to move to 69.

Easily beat the Erlidom and Diorajur. Only reason I can’t go further is due to the level restriction.

You think your current team can beat 4 lvl30’s with tier 8/8/8 boosts if there was no level restriction? :slight_smile:

I did the cheap shot Thor DSI, IC, (Thor dies, enter Magna) Dracocera swap in death blow

Can’t believe I’m gonna need rat for this…

Nope! Still refuse to take it anywhere above level 16!


So what was your first dino you had to fight with? Rinex or Magna? Didn’t it distract your Thor or swap in that new tank with 50% armour?

I thought you meant Lord Lythronax. LOL
On #72 I opened with Erlidom cloaked rampage, followed by something else then swapped in Dracocera. I don’t really remember the details on that one.