So close 😭


I’m so unlucky with fuses. God damn 10’s


Next time I cross my fingers for you to get at least 20


You will get her2020202020


I feel your pain. I’m in the exact same position 180 DNA after more 10s than 20s and nothing above. So much DNA wasted :sob:


Wow you gotta lotta Raptor DNA! Are you Nocturnal?


They just had a raptor event last week


Know how you feel, my luck when creating the pyrritator was awful. I darted all 18/18 irritators and only just had enough DNA to make the legendary because of how much I got 10 DNA.


Haha yeah I work nights :joy:


All the T-rex dna I got from the event (450+) went down in 10s. I was so mad :roll_eyes::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Yikes that’s the worst feeling. I’d help donate my rexy points if I could. Have no interest in the indoraptor, and the trykosaurus ain’t happening in my life time :joy:


@Calebrys Why not the indo? :scream:


I’m about 3/4 to creating the indoraptor lol. I’m honestly too lazy to hunt velociraptors at night. Hardly see any around now aswell. If it didn’t cost 2,000 veloci per fuse, Id feel a lot more motivated. Still taking a long time to adjust to this update. I feel so behind since the majority already have it on their teams :joy:

I want to try for the erlidominus next. Been seeing so many erlikosaurus lately… found two today haha, fingers crossed :grimacing:


Ahhh @Calebrys I’ll swap you some… although when that indom hits 20 and I can fuse indoraptor it’ll all go :joy:


@Calebrys good luck man! :+1:t3:
@Heather so jealous :joy::sweat_smile:

I just saw a Trex, was too greedy and came closer. That little ahole disapeared right in front of my eyes before I could dart her :weary::man_facepalming:t3::joy:


I guess you’ll get your Indoraptor before me. Every time after I level up my Indominus I level up my T-Rex. Until both are at Lvl 20. Then I’ll go for Indoraptor and Trykosaurus.


@Heather yes please sign me up, and when you aren’t looking i’ll pull a robbery and take those veloci pts all to myself :wink:

@Jer very much appreciated, I’m gonna need all the luck I can get :grin:


it worked :grin:


That happened to me lots of time before I learnt that less dna is better than none. Once I got close enough to select it and even the drone appeared but nothing happened for like 2-3 minutes. I relogged in and both the drone & the dino disappeared. Usually I dart whatever that’s in range but it was an Epic and I wanted more. Guess I’ll never learn.