So, could we have some more dinos again?

Since, well, that’s what Jurassic Park and Jurassic World is supposed to be about?! I mean, I have nothing against the Cenozoic creatures. At this point, even those who didn’t like them have learned to accept them. But we really should have more dinos introduced in the game. If I’m not mistaken, we only got Bajadasaurus and Allo2 in the last six updates! There are plenty of interesting dinosaurs that could come to the game, some of which are even mentioned in JP/JW movies or other games, even excluding mosasaurs and the small dinos like Compy…

We could have Metriacanthosaurus, Styracosaurus, Deinonychus, Ceratosaurus, Herrerasaurus, Mamenchisaurus, Giganotosaurus, Corythosaurus, Huayangosaurus and so many others, not to mention the GEN 2 possibility of some dinos we already have. Just need to be creative about their movesets and abilities.

At this pace, one day we’ll have more Cenozoic animals than dinosaurs. Just a thought o/


To add on to what Arnold has said can they not be sanctuary exclusives either? Would make a nice change to be able to actually hunt for creatures instead of praying i see a creature enough times to create it before it stops spawning in the wild.


I can’t agree more. Also, more than four or five each update. At the moment, even considering the recent Titanoboa spawning problem, with so few appearing each update they are all too easily collected and levelled which removes the need to go hunting for many, which was the main playing point with AR games.

More dinosaurs, pterosaurs and marine reptiles (the classic dinosaur types) each update and maybe scale back the number of hybrids. Something to consider.

That would be nice if they had an update focused on bringing new creatures in. Like 4 new dinos, and 4 new Cenozoics and what not. They can even make it an update where they introduce new creatures and balance others. That’s a good idea.

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I’m half expecting to see an ugly scaled ape coming out soon. :sloth:
Or maybe a Unicorn??? :unicorn: I mean we have Deer. :deer:


I am praying that Ludia will NEVER introduce something like Australopithecus afarensis.

That’s when I quit the game.

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I guess it must be a priority to them to add new Cenozoics because they can add new designs… and I think there’s no more different designs for dinosaurs except for Compy-type dinos which I understand it’s very hard to make them viable for a battle game like this.

But at least in my opinion we need dinos more than we need designs all the time… Just implementing new mechanics and moves would be enough to keep it interesting

Just take a look at Jurassic World the Game. It has a couple hundred nearly and that isn’t including the hybrids. Admittedly, that game doesn’t have the moves/actions that JWA does but we need more dinosaurs or the game will get stale.

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I could draw some concept art for the dinosaurs that you guys suggest
I need a break after trying to draw an “Alita VS Link” drawing

Agreed, I just want some new dinos.

Perhaps it’s just my phone, but all of the non-dinos in the game lag considerably. I’d rather they not add more creatures if they can’t figure out a way to make them easier on the memory.

Lol j park had more variety

And some still aren’t in the game

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More Dino’s to have, like a bunch more only unobtainable!
Let’s make them all arena exclusive.
But first, let’s Nerf the spawns some more, for balance.

Just trying to think like Ludia.

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Maybe add a new zone while you’re at it?


That would be very good indeed and probably needed soon. Haven’t thought about that.

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I think once Ludia move past the Cenozoics they will move over to aquatics, maybe in 2.0, so might be a while before we get back to the land dinosaurs.

Ludia moving to do something that isnt poorly thought through and actually worth buying is like actually seeing Bigfoot and having scientific proof of it.

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