So did something change with the Para Lux Spawn?

So I finally found a Para Lux. The odd thing was it was broad daylight when it spawned. So was this a glitch, or did Ludia listen and change the spawn?
Can one of the @moderators look at this and confirm whether it was a glitch or it did indeed change spawn times?

I believe para lux now spawns all time, I don’t think its a glitch or bug

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I’m thinking so to, but I don’t think it was announced, unless I missed it.

I don’t think it was announced. It just changed. Even so, she is still far too tough to find.


True. It has been a month since it was released I think, and I finally got mine 20 minutes ago.

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i only found my first one a few days ago. i’m guessing ludia changed the spawning mechanics after realizing people literally can’t go out at night in some parts of the world. tho there hasn’t been any official statement about it. still, i’m glad as its much easier to hunt during the day than at night in freezing temps.


Same here. Just glad I found it. I kinda forgot it existed for a while

I only found one two days ago and I’ll need a second sighting to complete her.

I might need 2 more. I suck at Para Lux, but I should probably start darting more hadrosaurs for practice

practice on iguanodon. no reason why.

I got too excited first time round and I missed a few shots. Otherwise I might have done her in one encounter.

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Same here. The leg was a pain.

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I’m averaging one a day since it became a 24 hour spawn - don’t always manage to dart it; drive about 16 miles a day to achieve that.

Paralux? where?

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What color was parasaurolophus lux when you found it in daylight?

Since it can change color based on whether it is day or night

Does it matter? You can see a dark pink colour.

its kind of a green color during the day.

From what i have seen, its just green and nothin but green, kinda like the JP 1993 skin for the para’s in jurassic world evolution