So everyone got a incubator


So everyone got an incubator for being in the tournament then and not just those over 4000?

So why lie Ludia? Just so people would spend more money on the game to try and get over 4000…


Giving the benefit of the doubt at the moment and assuming they decided to give everyone a participation incubator and then the promised prizes … some do seem to have been given 2. We shall see - if the 4000+ cutoff made no difference there will be a lot of :rage:


It made no difference…


I got an incubator too, but I assumed the prizes in it would be a lot less than those over 4000.


Nope it seems that gave us all the same which is great for those under 4000 and sucks for those that made it over 4000

Not fair at all


Are they aware of the thousands and thousands that stopped playing for fear of going under!

I realize we all made a choice but we made it based on what ludia said


From the other thread they seem comparable whether you were above or below …


I didnt get anything…


I got two incubators. One with 100k coins , 2600 cash in it and epic dna

Another with 10k coins no cash and yeah more crap epic dna

Finished around #131


I was in top 500 and received one incubator.


My incubator was not good. So can’t really feel cheated by others getting one.

Also glad I got to Arena 8 I’ve had a good run of Galli from other incubators.


Or another possibility is they just screwed up the prize giving :rofl: hard to believe … :crazy_face:


Ok but they owe us an explanation and an apology gift.


I didn’t get any :frowning:


Yes they need to give something more to those who reached the ruins… Otherwise its false advertising about the tournament. I stopped playing soon as I got over 4000 as didn’t wanna drop lower…

But hey guess that didn’t matter.


Mine was da bomb. I finished at 45


I never received an incubator. So perhaps it was a glitch and only some under 4k got one while most didn’t.


Not everyone. Had one son at 3500 get one, another at 3700 get nothing.


Is it possible that they gave out incubators to everyone because the tournament was flawed from the beginning from Ludia letting cheaters influence trophy counts? I’m sure there are some people that were in the fence that were impacted.


This is a total joke. I am happy that everyone got a reward, and frankly for people just below cut off having to deal with what I had to go through to just get to the 4k mark deserves something (spoofers, cheaters etc).

However, you can’t change the goal posts after the fact. There was a clear target of 4k, people spent money to reach it, time to reach it, and also then stopped battling to maintain it.

If they had any intentions of doing this then it should have been communicated well in advance. People would be more understanding and would have adjusted their actions.

Now plenty time money and frustration could have been saved to get the ‘taking part’ reward.

I am still hoping Ludia will see sense and provide additional reward to those between 4k and top 500