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So everyone got a weeks free trial of VIP , what do the loyal ones who stayed vip get

So come on Ludia so those who have stayed loyal and never quit Vip etc when others gave up etc , what’s they reward ??
You giving out free trials to everyone because so many quit but nothing for loyalty so maybe it’s better to be a quitter


?? @Ned @Jorge

Free VIP trial?

I’ve yet to see that in my game, formerly VIP.

It came with the tiny update today

I was offered but I turned it down. I’ve been burned by free trials before so not risking it again

It’s a desperate move to try and keep some players… Instead of listening to people’s ideas and advice they are trying to pour water from a sinking boat. Oh and btw some people already reported that this free trial actually charged them money :upside_down_face:

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This is where Ludia stick the finger up to those already with VIP and give a free week to those that don’t. I mean why would Ludia give a damn to those already paying?

I mean this is Ludia all over, a sick greedy company. Can’t be surprised by any of this.


The whole update is pure b.s


What even is this complaint? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
“You shouldn’t give free trials of the thing we are paying for!”
Well how are they gonna get more paying customers, huh?

Won’t let me take the trial without adding a credit card or some other payment type to my account anyway. Hard pass.


A For those interested: you can activate it and immediately cancel your subscription. Go to your Playstore or iTunes account, find subscriptions and choose cancel. You’ll see the expiration date appear a week from now. If all goes well (but hey, it’s Ludia…) you shouldn’t be charged.

Doesn’t change the very fair point this topic addresses… up till now VIP members haven’t been rewarded in any way for continuing to make this game possible. Only idiotically high prized incubators to buy, a few darts, coins and cash extra if you spin, a little more range which after the last update just means even more empty space with nothing to dart, and a bit extra in the daily incubators. That’s it. So is VIP (still) worth it…? That’s a whole different ballgame :wink:


It’s pretty common for games to offer a free VIP trial. Ludia is just late to the party and just now realizing this. Nothing to complain about, really. It was odd that they didn’t offer it since the beginning.


My point in the topic is that loyalty only seems to go one way , Ludia want it from us but don’t really give nothing back , maybe with all the bugs etc extremely massive cancellations they should reward the loyalty of those that stayed through it all

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it’s very common for companies to do this. something like tapjoy, there’s many free trials for things that other customers are currently paying for. it’s not news, just in this case i;ve tried the paid version long enough to know that i dont even want it for free

Hey it’s quite possible that they are loosing too many of those paying customers (VIP), so that’s why they have to try to recruit more. Sure enough, you’re somewhat right, VIP was interesting because it came with a free incubator that basically was paying for the first month by itself (though, buying incubators is stupid, that was enticing). Now, everybody is getting the free incubator. Just vote with your wallet and cancel your VIP. Who knows, maybe you can get the free incubator like everybody else?

Your whole comment is true, but I have to say that I love this part soooooo much!

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I must tell you that the map isn’t technically empty. Since the new update, 50% of the spawns have been hidden so you have to travel near them to make them appear.

I played all day yesterday and about half the dinos were popping up as I got within the small radar area.

So yes, Lydia did “clear the map” a bit. You just have to move around more to find them.

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Happy to read that works for you. As for me… unless I run a scent I can run around in circles all day dancing the silly chicken dance… nothing pops or appears or unhides🤷🏼‍♀️

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Have dead zone of 2-3 block around my appartment. Drops and spawns vanished few minutes after I chose free VIP offer. :grin:

Luckily nearby park and other areas has drops and spawns.