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So excited

I’ve wanted this dino so bad ever since the first time I saw it in arena. It’s just so stinking pretty. Last night I finally got enough Kapro to make it. Can’t wait to level it up and put it on my team!


I think this will be my next project once gorgosuchus reaches level 20(300 more dna).

I love the coloring of this dino myself. First time I saw it in battle I was thinking, “It’s the rainbow dino!” :rofl:

Wtg! I sure wish Kapro would stop being such a stranger. He is still at level 10 and I keep stealing the little DNA I can get. Great feeling though, when you finally get the “one”!

I think Diplotator is the rainbow dino, this one is the mermaid dino! :rofl:

They’re pretty common near me, I come across at least 2-3 a night in the wild and I use scents to get a few more.

They really need to let us name our dinos

It reminds me of a dragon, I think it’s so cute​:dragon_face::dragon::sauropod::t_rex:

Kaprosuchus spawns at night time. Hope this helps ypu find her more.

This one looks like a dragon and Alankylosaurus looks like a baby dragon to me!

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Yes, I agree, it looks like a baby dragon

This guy is so cool, but this is the true dragon godzilla haha

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IDK about dragon, but definitely Godzilla. :rofl:

Some of the dinos are nothing shy of scary looking lol

Someone near where I live has got a car in that colour