So expensive

Too rich for my blood, especially so close to Xmas. I might have considered it if it was $20, but when it comes down to it, it’s just pixels and games come and go.

Can’t fault Ludia for stuff like this either, not with their playerbase drooling all over themselves with ATM cards in hand. Just the nature of the beast. :wink:

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Yep. I haven’t take an offer since they were £9.99 GBP. If they stayed at that price I’d have one every time I leveled and so would probably everyone else.


Same qns I’m facing, just a few more fuses to qualify for oto to lvl 17.

70 dollars for us here. Phew, n I just bought 1 oto last mth. Inclined to skip this one.

@Colin_Goodman What he said

I’ve passed up on every ‘one time offer’ never bought anything, never will. Just don’t see the point of wasting money. But I’ve got to agree that the prices are actually obscene and should be reported to an ombudsman for unfair trading standards, besides what’s on the inside is often very different from the picture outside. It’s tantamount to gambling really and is a big sham.

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I just lvl up to 20 and had to decline. 54,99€ it’s just way too much!!!