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So.. Fierce beats Resilient? Yea about that

Soo as we can see, fierce should counter resilient, resilient counter cunning and cunning counter fierce.
Yet we still have creatures like Diplodocus that completely ignore this class system.
I know that some people asked for a nerf to allo g2 and we got an answer, but like- eugh… what about diplod…
And the most annoying part is that they gave Gorgosaurus slow immunity. Yes, gorgosaurus with 102 speed has slow immunity (This would be fine if gorgo wasn’t already this slow). Instead of giving it to allo g2 which wouldve been a nice trade and made more sense since it lost -600 HP, but noooo they gave it bleed immunity cuz screw logic :unamused:
Just another example that ludia dont play their own game.

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Olania I can beat any cunning creature

Orion: are ya sure about that

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Rex and Allo should get 50 extra health, diplo won’t have any 100% counters in the tourney, not even carbo, plus Rex and Allo will still be able to lose to anything with 1300 attack that has an impact and rampage

Either it’s that, or Diplo loses 100 damage

If Brachi goes resiliant strike - shield - rampage - shield - rampage, it should beat diplod with 150 HP left assuming diplod goes SA - Rampage - SA - Rampage

I think some chompers should have 100% decel resistance, that would solve the issue

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Yeah but the diplo could skew the results if it went sa - rampage - as - rampage

If it goes shield advantage -> rampage -> shield advantage -> rampage, it loses

Oh did I write that? I meant the opposite

brachi always has speed advantage over diplod so you can probably pivot. There’s mind games, but Brachi should win most of the time. My analysis also didn’t take into account it’s 30% crit chance which helps it too.